is the .32 good enough?

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  1. Bertus

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    My thoughts on it...if you already have a 32acp and like it, great! If you are buying your first and only pistol, you might be better served spending $200 on a new LCP380 rather than a P32 pistol.
    I'm not so sure the 32acp has any advantage over a 22 or 25acp in terminal performance, and thats the reason I am not a big fan.
    They do make some cool guns chambered for it though!
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    I've always thought, and still do, that you carry the largest caliber you can shoot WELL. For me, at this stage of my life, that's a 9. For my Sweetie, it's now a .22. So the "good enough" argument is null and void. It's good enough cuz she hits what she shoots at and can handle the pistol. Bigger rounds do bad things to her wrists.

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    I have an Ortgies 32acp and it won't cycle most American made factory loads (not enough recoil). I made my own with a 98gn SWC loaded pretty hot. This gun can handle hot loads as the same frame is used for Ortgies 380 pistols. These hand loads do penetrate. Not quite 380 power but pretty damn stout.
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  4. I posted this before but I will now re-post it. I found this information Massad Ayoob gave in this two minute video on stopping power interesting.


    The most powerful weapon you can control in accurate rapid fire on multiple targets.
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  5. They're good to go. I think you saw the redirect pop up when you click on a link. I've sourced thousands of rounds of ammo over the years thru ammoseek and have always had a good experience.
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  6. I have two Kel Tec P32s. Before that I had the P3AT. It was reliable, but I couldn't shoot it well. I shoot the P32 like a laser gun and my wife and daughter shoot it well enough and the recoil is manageable for both of them. I only run Fiocci 73gr FMJ thru it and it is very reliable.

    If it's 110 degrees and I'm wearing shorts and flip flops, the P32 is in my pocket. If its 20 degrees and I'm wearing a heavy coat and boots, the P32 is in my pocket... along with something bigger under the coat (my 1911 or the 30SF). For those "in between" times, the LCR 38spl or the PF9 might be on me.

    But most of the time, year-round, just jumping out of truck to go into the grocery store for 10 minutes on the way home from work, the P32 is usually in my pocket.
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  7. Zorba

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    I have a couple of .32s - a War era Walther PP and a Beretta Tomcat. The PP is a SWEET shooter whereas the Tomcat is just a nasty little pistol that just isn't fun to shoot. I almost bought an Ortgies once, and may still in the future. The problem is that .32ACP ammo is *expensive* unless you *really* hunt for it. The local Mal*Wart has a couple of boxes that have been sitting there for about a year because they want $25/50!

    But as for stopping power, nuke it from orbit, its the only way to be sure.
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  8. Always have liked Massad Ayoob's take on the subject of gunfights. Louis Awerbuck is another.

    Here's Wyatt Earp's thoughts:
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  9. Have you tried Fiocchi through it? It tends to be hotter.
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  10. ichthyo

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    No I haven't, but now that I'm reloading 32acp, buying expensive ammo isn't necessary. If I ever buy anymore I will try some Fiocchi.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    My nephew has a Sauer .32acp that is a cool little gun. Not too good with JHP's. Probably a 1947 model.
  12. SWAGA

    SWAGA No longer broke... Lifetime Supporter’s Yoo again....
    So that would be a mounted machine gun.

  13. lklawson

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    Yes. The P32 is noticeably thinner, smaller, and lighter. You can feel it when you handle them both.

    More what? The stats seem to indicate that the <ahem> "stopping power" of the .32ACP is essentially the same as the .380ACP (and the 9mm but we'll let that go for now). So "for about the same size" (i.e. "larger, not the same size"), you get fewer rounds and about the same "stopping power."

    Yes. On top of the physical stats showing the P32 is a tad smaller, you can feel the difference when you handle them.

    That said, I own both a P32 and a 380 pocket gun (the TCP). On the advantages, the P32 has more ammo on tap, a more mild recoil, and is a tad smaller & feels noticeably lighter and slimmer. On the disadvantages, in order to get the same price on ammo you must order online or go to a well stocked LGS; Wal Mart doesn't have them, and then there's rimlock (which I've seen happen).

    Peace favor your sword,
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    It has been a while since I handled the P32 and forgot that it is smaller and lighter than the 380, close but no cigar. The 380 will weigh a little more in the pocket as well. I see your points guys, kind of makes me want a 32ACP now!

    Earlier when I said you get "more", I meant more POWER per round. More damage to the meat target, one can argue that the 380 is indeed a better fight stopper.
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  15. SWAGA

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    Every handgun is a compromise.
    Carry the compromise that suits you for the situation.
    And that may change.
    And so may the amount of ammo you carry.
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  16. That depends on which stat you look at. If you look at the percentage of people who were not incapacitated (.32 -- 40%) (.380 --- 16%), would indicated the .380 is much more effective.
    If I understand that right, 40% of the time the .32 did not stop the attack even with multiple shots fired. That's almost half. Not a ringing endorsement if you ask me.
    If you look at the .380 compared to the other more powerful semi-auto rounds it fairs better in that category than the .32 does to it.
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  17. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Well...that's a definite maybe.

    As I read it, most of the SD bad guys are not "stopped" by being incapacitated. Most are "stopped" by the bad guy deciding to avoid getting shot, and running away. That's why it's usually less than 3 shots to "stop" things, no matter what ammo is used.

    I'm not sure that is what the stats are saying?

    Incapacitated means they couldn't run OR fight....but that doesn't mean the ones that were NOT incapacitated kept fighting. If it did, I think there would be FAR more rounds expended per incident than we see.

    So while I agree that the .32 isn't going to "stop" or incapacitate the individual as well as bigger MAY "stop" the attack just as well as any other gun or caliber?

    Obviously, if the bad guy is determined to do what he wants regardless of the gun going off in his want more power. But that's extremely rare, based on what the studies show.

    And I always have to wonder, just how bad does a dude have to be, to decide, "Hey, that gun that poked these holes in me wasn't all that loud, and it looks like it might only be a .25 or a .32....I think I'll go back and try some more."
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  18. SWAGA

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    Is this shots FIRED or rounds HIT?
    Unless you know that it could simply mean the average .380 owner is a better shot.
    If we have a self defense shooting with a .44 cap and ball and one shot fired and fatal statistically the .44 cap and ball is 100% fatal in 100% of the shootings and therefore the most fatal round with the best stopping power and everybody should carry one.
    Uh... no
  19. Bertus

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    I think its a proven fact that 380 shooters are better shots;)! haha
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  20. Dubar

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    This is sounding more and more like a Monty Python skit :lurk:

    One of my buddies has an Orgies .32 and has that same problem trying to find ammo that'll feed all the time. I'm sure his gun needs a thorough cleaning, but the gunsmith at the LGS told him to try hotter ammo. So far he hasn't found the right combination. Think I'll clue him in on the Fiocchi.
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