Is the End of the US Near?
By Russ Lawson


I do not consider myself a conspiracy theorist at all; however I do try to look at the world with my eyes wide open. Of late, some of my favorite News Blogs has been talking about the "What If's" of the next presidential election and I think they have made some valid points, (They have been shown to be right the majority of the time in the past).

It's not hard to see that the Democrats and other left wing groups are going nuts because of President Trump's successes. They are not concerned with the welfare of our nation in anyway; they are only concerned with how much power and control they can gain for themselves. I'm not trying to comment on much of that, it's pretty much self evident.

However the truth of the matter is that the "Left" is getting more and more vocal about taking away gun rights and openly attacking the Constitution. They have made no secret of the fact that they want to completely do away with the Constitution if they can, not just do away with a few of the Amendments.

Here is the bottom line so to speak. The News blogs are putting forth the idea that if Trump loses they will make an all out attack on our freedoms. But if he wins, it may even be worse. They are already marching, confronting, and attacking republican (or conservative) supporters daily. Those in the know are suggesting that we may be looking at a disruption of our infrastructure and more and larger attacks, not by foreign terrorist, but from our fellow Americans or others already within the boarders of our country. With so many illegal immigrants who refuse to acknowledge America's laws and Constitution they may very well be at the forefront of any disruption.

In the past two months in our area we saw 96,000 people without city provided water for several days simply because of one water main break. Then we had 36,000 people without electricity because of high winds bringing down trees, wires and poles. Our infrastructure here in America is so very fragile and we cannot depend upon "the powers that be" to be able to quickly restore any disruption.

Here is what I am asking or at least seriously suggesting.

Because of all of this I am urging all of my friends to think seriously about getting some plan in place to help provide for you and your family in case of emergencies.

Civil unrest may never happen, but what about the next time the power or water goes off? Are you ready to deal with it, or are you at the mercy of the grocery stores. We are told that the normal grocery only stocks enough food to supply the store for three days. What if everyone in your community stormed the stores and took everything they could at the same time? I doubt that the "3 day" rule would really be right. Would you be able to care for your family without the local grocery to run to?

When the power and water went out in our area there were immediate rushes on the local grocery stores. We however did not bother; we already have everything we needed on hand, including bottled water and other sources of water. We have alternative heat and lighting also. We have a well stocked pantry of canned and dry foods and emergency long term storage food put aside also.

We don't have enough to feed a lot of other mouths, but we can last for a little while ourselves. Again, let me encourage you to start buying and storing food and water for the next "natural" disaster. If you will think about it now it will not be a problem later. The "ideal methods" would be to be able to purchase a lot of freeze dried food from one of the national providers. (Emergency Essentials (available various places), and both supply good freeze dried products and I have purchased from both.) Even Costco and Sam's Club now sell it. However most of us cannot afford those. Honestly the fact that they are fairly expensive to initially purchase has really been a problem for those of us on a limited budget. We have through the past several years been able to purchase some of this food. Honestly, if you figure out the price per serving they are really quite reasonable.

Some things to think about purchasing from you grocery: (this is just a rudimentary list; there is lots more items that can be added). Don't forget to shop at the Dollar stores, you can pick up some great deals on supplies, however keep an eye on the size of the packages and cans, they are sometimes smaller to allow them to sell the items cheaper. (There are lots of lists of supplies on the Internet, just do some searching).

If you will get only a few of these and put them back for emergencies you will be happy when and if things go bad.

  1. Dried foods and dried food packets.
  2. Dried Soup packets (various flavors) just add water.
  3. Dried flavored rice
  4. Dried flavored noodles
  5. Dried beef and Jerky
  6. Dried potatoes (hash browns, etc).
  7. Dried beans (all kinds)
  8. Dried Lentils
  9. Dried Split Peas
  10. Rice - (I recommend Basmati as it is more nourishing, naturally white without being bleached.)
  11. Flour
  12. Yeast
  13. Sugar
  14. Dried juice mixes (try to get the ones with the lowest sugar content)
  15. Peanut butter, almond butter, etc. (We purchase the Natural style without the added sugars and oils).
  16. Canned Meats, all kinds, (most will be good for at least 2 years past their "best use by date".
  17. Stews, (Things that are a complete meal, though most are high in salt and fats).
  18. Olive Oil
  19. Powdered milk
  20. Bottled water, (they recommend 1 gallon per person per day just for drinking), plus water for bathing. (We purchase the distilled whenever we can, but in an emergency any will do. We also have our own water distiller unit and a Big Berkey gravity filter).
  21. Wet wipes, flushables, etc. (something you can wash with if you don't have water or to help you conserve water).
  22. Basic first aid supplies, (the Dollar store is great for this)
  23. Chemical Light sticks (sometimes found at the Dollar store also)
You also need an alternative way to heat your food. If your electricity or gas stops flowing to your house how do you heat water or warm food? Your barbeque grill might do the trick as long as you can use it outside. (Never bring you grill into your house, it is a sure way to die.)

Hopefully this will give you something to think very seriously about. When the power or water is out you don't get any "do overs" or "second chances". Get started now, don't just think about it.

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