Is there a +P .40 load?

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    I was considering an order here:, where I saw a +P .40 caliber load listed.

    Thing is, I recall reading somewhere (and I hope it wasn't an internet "expert") saying there isn't such a thing as a "+P" .40 load. Am I mistaken? My guess is yeah, you *could* do it, however is this SAMMI (or whatever specification) approved? Is this one of those "Only Chuck Norris can handle it" rounds? ;)

    The +P .40 round would be used in a couple Glocks I have, the HP995 gets fed regular 9mm with the occasional +P 9mm.

    TIA for the advice...
  2. After my G36 kaboomed on me this last summer, I did some research into glock kabooms, and I deceided that I would never run +P ammo in any glock with a factory barrle. The chabers are not fully supported and the chambers are to loose. A lot of what I have found has even went as far to suggest not reloading brass that has been fired in a glock due to bulged cases. (picking brass up at the local range, I usually can pick out the brass that was fired from a glock).

    Exersise your quest for a more powerfull 40 with extream caution......

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    Thanks for the replies.
    I have close to (if not well over) a thousand rounds thru the G22 & G23 without a problem using WWB, CCI Blazer, Rem GB, Federal Hydra-Shok, and Win Ranger. I've had absolutely no problems with any of the ammo so far and hope to keep it that way.
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    38.000 psi is really getting up there... I see some 308 rifle loads starting at that range.
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    I would suggest staying away from .40 +P (which as stated isn't an actual std) in your Glock. While some of it may just be anti-Glock FUD, there does seems to be a trend in kBs in the .40 S&W. Even more so, they seem to run in law enforcement usage, possibly a combination of the unsupported chambers and bullet set-back from all the times they have to clear a service weapon?

    If you want something heavier, consider a .45 or 10mm.
  7. Granted there is not a real +p .40, but hi-point states that "all of our carbines are designed to handle +p and +p+ loads" (paraphrased). However, they do not recommend using them a lot because of the extra stresses put on the receiver and slide.

    Just for fun I loaded a box of 180grn .40's a couple of tenths over book the other night. I'm gonna save em for testing.

    Another side note. I also loaded a box at a couple of tenths below book. While i'm not sure of the actual fps out of the carbine with unique powder the book fps should place these at around 950. They are noticeably quieter, lacking the usual crack.
  8. I"ve never seen anyone shoot +P out of a 40 cal, I"m gonna have to do some research on that one
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    .40 S&W is already near or at the maximum SAAMI pressure limits in most cases. Anyhting marked as +p is likely over this and in a glock might KB. In other .40s with a fully supported chamber it may be OK. Just one more reason i went to a 10mm and not a .40.

  10. A friend(mo.state trooper) split a frame on his glock last year,he said it sure was a supprise to him .Thay did replace it but that wouldn't work in a gun fight.Would it?
  11. As some others said, the .40S&W is already at the top of the pressure charts in factory loads as it is. The .40S&W was originally derived from the 10mm, so if you want a +P .40 buy a 10mm and be done with it.

    IF I were to own a Glock the first thing I would do is toss the factory barrel in the garbage (where it belongs in the first place) and replace it with a good quality after market barrel. I absolutely refuse to own a Glock .40S&W even if it were given to me.
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    i cant say id go as far as that. I have a 3rg gen G17 with 13,000+ rounds of 9mm down the pipe with one case failure and that was bad brass. Didnt hurt the gun at all. The factory barrel looks 95% or better.

  13. My $0.02: The .40 S&W is already loaded at about as hot as the cartridge can take. Adding more is asking for a KB. I'm sure it can be done, but I agree with the above: if you want a .40 +p, just get a 10mm. The .40 was a shortened 10mm round (thus often being called the .40 Short & Wimpy when it first came out) as a result of smaller agents and officers being unable to properly control the recoil of the 10mm round. While in theory you can +p anything (or +p+ for that matter), the question no longer is "Is it possible?" to "is it practical?". The current .40 loads do what they're designed to do; if you want more FPS out of a round, move up to a larger caliber.
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    If tis more spped your after you can load a 135gr bullet and push it past 1300 FPS using unique or clays powder. If you want more knockdown power move up to a 210 gr bullet 1050 FPS with bullseye or 231. All combos listed fall under SAMMI max for the .40