Is there a small flash light that'll fit the Accessory ring

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    I haven't got it yet just thought of it after ordering 2 new mags and the compensator, oh its for the 995 carbine.
  2. GrOuNd_ZeRo

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    It will likely not be a tactical light but you can get a cheap LED light that will fit 'm sure...

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  4. condition1

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    I bought a streamlight (i think it was the dorky 'Thunder Ranch' version) package that had a regular light and a mini LED in the same package. It fit very well in what is supposed hold a laser. Not the brightest thing, but it'll light up my house well enough. Be careful, HP's accessory ring is pretty small. See if you can get diameter measurements before you buy anything.
    It was at a local shop. I don't put my cc online.
  5. boyjoe

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    I have a "darcy" brand led aaa battery light in a laser mount that fits well, not super bright but will light up a room well enough to see a BG. you might try just taking the mount (if that's possible with your set up) with you to wally world or a sporting goods store to see if there is a light that will fit.
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    Whats the diameter of the hole that the flashlight fits in to ?
  7. I tried a Mini-Mag light in mine and it fit perfect.

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    Yup a Mini Mag will fit and with the LED bulb will last even when firing good enough light to see around