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  1. freedom

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    Does any one know if there is a BullPup design stock for the 995.

    Was at the gun shop yesterday and a guy came in looking for a 9mm carbine. The shop owner said he thought he had a 995 Hipoint. The customer predictably said he didn't want any of that. Pity, he passed up a good firearm.

    Then I looked up and saw a sweet BP rifle hanging on the rack and got to wondering if anyone made a BP stock for the 995. :?:
  2. stock

    To the best of my knowledge no one makes a BP stock for the Hi Point. I have seen however that some air soft gun stocks have been modified and used. I have no idea how they did it or how well they worked. I think I may have seen one for sale on ebay a while ago or perhaps on gun broker not sure which.

  3. It has never been mentioned in this forum since I have been here, so if there is one, its a well kept secret.
  4. With the operating handle and ejection port on opposite sides, it really makes it difficult to build 995 BP. Maybe do-able with some imaginative engineering, but not easy.
  5. freedom

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    No engineer either but I would think that it would be no different for the 995 than any other set up.

    Proper frame design and securing to the receiver BBL assembly etc and it should be fine.
  6. Real good point farmkid, you face would get smacked no matter which side you shot from :shock:
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    do you have any idea what bullpup was at the store? There used to be a bullpup called the Algimec agm-1. It was just a pistol caliber bullpup, I think it used S&W mags but don't quote me on that.

    As for the charging handle. I don't see much reason why you couldn't mount it on the right side?
  8. AndrewST

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    As far as I know the only two stocks available are the ATI and the factory.
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    Wouldn't a bp design be fairly impossible since a bp is a gun with the mag behind the trigger?

    Unless you had a way to move the trigger forward I don't think a bp would work.
  10. Ridge

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    Bullpups have the magazines far back just the same...just put it through the stock back there...

    Its possible...
  11. freedom

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    No. I did not get a close look at it. But judging by the look of the mag it did not take pistol ammo.