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Is This a Deal?

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Guy at work has a Taurus 9mm for sale, unknown model at the moment. Comes with a case, and three or four magazines. Two of the mags are larger capacity. He says the gun comes with a paper from Taurus stating some repair work was done including a new barrel.

He has not fired this pistol and has no idea if it functions properly, but the person he got it from claims it's a solid weapon.

I don't know jack about this brand name, and he doesn't either.

He wants $400.00 for it.

What say ye?


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work was done including a new barrel.
Must be a PT92/99.

If it goes boom and hits within an inch of where you point it, I'd say its worth every bit of that $400.
My sister's husband, his friend has one and he paid over $450. for it. It was BIN. He told me that he has over 1500 rds in it and only had a few FTF problems but that was with a cheap brand of ammo. He didn't state what brand of ammo.
Been mulling it over since yesterday, and with the help from the folks in the chat room last night I think I'm gonna pass.

I already have a 9mm anyway, and the guy said the Taurus he has is pretty big for CCW. Still gonna try to get a look at it though.

Taurus makes a quality fire arm! I have my eye on one of the 1911's.
Taurus makes a quality fire arm! I have my eye on one of the 1911's.
That, in my opinion...has to be the worst 1911 ever made.
So how are we sure its a PT92 or PT99? Don't get me wrong I am just looking out for ya. It could also be a 24/7 9mm for example.

In my opinion if you like the style, feel, and believe you can have confidence in the weapon then purchase. HOWEVER if you need a PT92 you can purchase BRAND NEW for $414 at Budsgunshop.com That price is cash but includes shipping and all you need to do is setup your FFL. For a few bucks more....your looking at a brand new 9mm.

Or buy two hi-point c-9's.
So how are we sure its a PT92 or PT99?
I'm not, he just said there were barrel problems, to my knowledge. Only the PT92/99 had major barrel problems, so major that it requires a new barrel. One of the shitty Beretta designs they should have "improved" upon.
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