Is this a fair price?

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  1. Ridge

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    The pawn shop I bought my 995 from has another weapon popular here....Keltec Sub 2000 for sale...what Im wondering is if they are asking a fair price for it...

    $324, which is twice what I paid for the 995 from them...with tax it runs $350.24

    Its in decent condition, has a single 15rd Glock mag.

    They know Im a purveyor of the weird, particularly 9mm carbines :) Im friends with them, since my current low pay job happens to be a burger joint across the parking lot from their shop.

    What are your guys' thoughts?

  2. Wait, you mean there is a carbine out there that DOES take the glock 9mm mags?

    I need more details.

  3. Hmmm.

    Looking around, I find this place:

    Out of stock but 299 for what i think are new ones.

    Offer them 300 out the door and take it.

    I want one now. Then I would be buying up 31 round glock mags.

    Just for stupid plinking fun.
  4. I think you can get them around here for less than $300 new at gun shows.
  5. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    Thanks for the link. Been looking for it ever since I saw $400 WASRs there lol...I'll talk to em about it tomorrow...
  6. I haven't heard anything bad about these carbines and I really like the Glock mag thing. I have heard that they are mostly plastic such as the sights and other peripherals and most people immediately replace some of these items with aftermarket aluminum stuff. If/when you get one you will want to buy all the cool doo dadds so keep that in mind if you don't have any self control.
  7. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    My being poor is my self control ;)

    Seems like the Su2000 might make a good plinker or bug out bag weapon...
  8. Thayldt21

    Thayldt21 Senior Member Member

    My being poor is my self control

    Then why by 150$ more expensive glorified 995????? :?
  9. Well, it does come with a folding stock AND can accept Glock mags. Those could be two key selling points, especially for a Glock owner. It also has more after market stuff out for it I think.

    Not saying I would get one personally, but I'm not saying I wouldn't either :) Some people swear by the Sub 2000 and the SU-16, other's say they are sketchy at best. *shrug*
  10. Ari

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    People talk about the Hi-point carbine being ugly. Those are way uglier !!
  11. Ridge

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    True, they are way ugly...Im really right now planning it as a gift...its either this for my buddy who is USMC, or buying him an AR-15 lower Im watching on gunbroker that has the USMC symbol stamped into it, for his planned build...he really enjoyed his time with the 995, and wanted it...hard to find em around here, and I figured the 2000 is similar in design...
  12. vallen

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    on the Sub2k - I was considering it when I first looked at the 995. So I checked out one at a gun store, then shot one at the range. I found it kinda plasticky, like the SU-16. Ergonomically I hated it. The charging handle is in a weird spot and it was inaccurate due to the holding position. If you are a lefty, the cycle would rip out your armpit.
    My decision: the 995
    Better ergonomics
    better iron sights

    If KT improved a couple of things, I'd dive in- but not for $300 used.
    I really want them to get their long guns in order. I'd like them alot more if they had some build quality improvements.
  13. Ridge

    Ridge Member

    They say its new, they have the box, etc...I swabbed the barrel and the chamber and its clean, so I guess it is new...

    But yeah, I'll instead buy some components for an AR build...