Is This A Good Deal?

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  1. I found a local dealer this week who sells Hi-Point firearms. I went to the store and saw a 4095 brand new for $189. He also had the 40 cal and the 45 cal pistols for $149 each. There was also a Hi-Point 380 for $109. My dad bought one of the 45 pistols for himself. I thought that was a good deal.

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    I think they are very good prices. Take into account that I live in the Northeast and gun prices are ridiculous.

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    great deal!!!! around here the handguns range from 119 for the 380 to 179 for the 45 and the 995 carbines are around the 190-200 range with the 4095 being either backordered or 250+
  4. Used to be bad deals years back... but these days, thats about as good as you're gonna get :).
  5. As good as you probably will see
  6. Sounds like great prices compared to what I'm used to. I would've bought all of them.
  7. The .40 and .45 prices are about typical for what I see in GA, but we tend to have good prices here. BUT: even by GA standards, the .380 and particularly the 4095 prices are outstanding! Grab that 4095 now!
  8. I wish I could have bought the 4095, but I just recently got the 995. And I don't think the wife would be too keen on another purchase so soon. I already have a C9 Comp on order. The gun dealer had the best prices I've seen around here, just wondered how they compared to everybody else's neck of the woods.

  9. wizard93,

    Those prices seem to be very good on everything. I see 995's going for $199-$249 locally, CF380's $139-$149 and C9's $149-$169

    Darn glad I got my C9 before everyone found out about them cause I paid $119 NIB in March 06, and mine came in the plastic hard case.
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    That's pretty good. That is about what I've been paying here in southwest Ohio. However the guy I deal with for all my HP's has never had a 995 for $249 that I'm aware of anyway.
  11. You guys are lucky that I can't shop in West Virginia. I'd be buying at least one a month minimum. I haven't run across any deals like that. Heck, I'm lucky if I SEE a High-Point, much less be able to buy one. :(
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    That's nearly the exact rates that we're seeing in Arizona. I remember trading my Taurus .357 4" revolver for BOTH a C9 and 995 Carbine. Everyone told me that I got "screwed" on that deal but these days, I still hold that I made out far better.

    The growing price demand shows it!
  13. Sounds like a good deal to me as well.