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Is this a Hi-Point Carbine?

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Is the rifle on the far right the hi-point? If so, then Don's Guns in Indianapolis is now renting it and has it hanging on the wall behind him in his new commercial. lol YEY!
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Looks like it to me.
Yep it sure is :)
Id say it sure looks like one to me.
Looks like it has a chrome cover to me
sweet, then it's official, he actually has one in his commercial. I'll have to see if I can get the video on here for everyone to see....

That is so awesome!
the one in the commercial has a chrome cover and is the main reason I wasn't sure if it was an HP or not.
yep.. a 995 with chrome.. bling bling for tv...
Sure as heck are. One 995 the other 4095 maybe??
Wow. Two Hipoints. Must be a quality fireamrs shop :)
i dont wanna make any money..............i just love to sell guns!!!!! i remember that place when i lived out there!
I have never been there, but everyone I've talked to that has, says he is a complete a**hole and overprices everything!!! So we are probably talking $175+ for a c9.
i only went in there once, typical gun store pricks. had some nice stuff tho. i remember he was having a sale at one point-.32's for $32. i know recently he cought alot of flak for an ad he had, was on youtube. man, he aged bad!
Here's the "creepy" video on YouTube!
The end is the really creepy part "Just $10.00, cause I don't want to make money, I just love to rent guns, ha, ha, ha, ha, aaa, aaaa, aaaa, aaaaaaaaa" :shock:
That guy has a vagina...

And I'll rent out my Desert Eagle for a box of ammo for it.....
that guy sounds really creepy 2 me.. especially, that laugh.. would not want him living in my neighborhood..
with his finger on the trigger the whole time
Has anybody checked to see if he is registered? Keep your kids away from him :hand:
1 - 20 of 28 Posts
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