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Is this a Hi-Point Carbine?

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Is the rifle on the far right the hi-point? If so, then Don's Guns in Indianapolis is now renting it and has it hanging on the wall behind him in his new commercial. lol YEY!
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Trying to figure out the worst part of that commercial. My initial gut instinct says the laugh at the end, but upon further review the subtle creepy points were the worst: a) The fact that Don looks like a shriveled Colonel Sanders b) the super white dentures that matched the suit c) the fact that the center of the screen says 'we rent guns' in spanish throughout the whole commercial d) that he believes his customer base is stupid enough to think he doesn't want any form of profit.

P.S. The rental fee on those high points probably would have paid for 1/3 of the gun.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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