Is this how to clear a room

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  1. Well guys I was sent a link to this vid of a guy clearing a room and I have taken training that LEO's take to clear a room and I was trained to check your target and from what I see this guy is just shooting first then checking to see what he shot. Like the first room he goes in shoots as he says stop maybe I was trained wrong and this guy is right anyone care to help me out
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    Wow. Ive never had formal police training in room clearing but even dumb ol' me wouldnt do what he did.


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    Anyone notice that he stuck his head into a room when he only had 2 rounds in the mag? Wouldn't it make sense to reload before empty whenever you were in a "safe" location?
  4. this is more like it,

  5. My bro called it "REMF BS" but I found it funny lol
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    I just fart..

    much safer that way
  7. Yeah but you'd get nuked. The US has a policy regarding responses to use of WMDs such as chemical/biological warfare :-D.
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    Weird, the guy was putting his head into the room first, and sticking it around corners. I have had some training on room clearing procedures and it wasn't anything like this guys work, and I don't think it has changed that much in the last 3 or 4 years.
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    If this idiot clears a room in a real life scene he is a dead man. NEVER stick your head in first. That makes an excellent target for the BG.
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    prolly not... my butt odors are in compliance with Geneva Convention requirements
  11. Is this the liberal guide to clearing a room. Wait til they kill you with at least 3 rounds to your head, then you know they are hostile. after determining they are hostile, then warn them with a liberal approved warning such as, " If you kill me one more time I will be forced to threaten you with severe sanctions.
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    You could do what the OTHER side of the liberal party does:

    Spend millions of dollars to develop a droid with a bevy of non-lethal weapons to subdue the subjects without critical human loss, and then siphon the results to a post grad symposium at MIT to analyze it's effect who THEN spend the grant money to send that to ANOTHER symposium at Brown University to asses the psycologica ramifications on the "victims" at the receiving end of the attack and the "victims" being displaced from their jobs in the field by the droid.

    And then stage a debate lead by Jimmy Carter over the OTHER liberals claiming war crimes for using the non-lethal tech, trying to fend off the further slamming of the Liberal name.

    Who said we can't poke fun at ourselves :p
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    Neo? You're a dork. 8)
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    Not proficient at clearing a room but I sure as heck would not put my head around a blind corner. And the way he entered is even suspect.

    This is how the pros do it.....Right? :lol:


    Edit: Or is it this way? [ame][/ame]
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  17. could someone please post a warning for the rest of us BEFORE we read these threads?

    I LMAO for most of your comments, now I have to figure out how to get all the coffee out of my key board..... :shock: :lol: