Is this SKS a good deal?

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  1. So today was the first day in 4 months I didn't have to go in to work early (of course I still wake up early) so I went to the local gun store and they had a Chinese SKS with a 4x28 scope mounted on the side (ala nagant sniper) and a 3" or 4" long muzzle break.
    It was marked $239. Is that a good price? I would prefer a Yugo but...
    The thing is this store is way over priced on a lot of stuff so I decided to check here on the price first.
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    sounds good to me.. as long as the scope isnt the quality of a cheap airsoft POS...

    but then again, SKS in my area are going for $299, WASR-10 for $349..

  3. I think the $239 is a bit high for a run of the mill Chinese SKS regardless of what doo dads someone stuck on it. You already know the shop is over priced on most items so that should tell you something right there. Almost all Chinese SKS's were of the stamped variety with pinned barrels, but they are good shooters provided the previous owners took care of them. Check the gas tube assembly and operating rod area for signs of corrosion, if present pass unless you plan on replacing those parts in the future.

    The scope is probably one of the NC-Star (or similar Chinese import) 4x28 compact models because this is what works best on the SKS due to the short eye relief and LOP of the stock. I sold one a couple months back in like new condition (no box) for $20 at a flea market, it cost me $25 new a couple years earlier. Current prices for this scope are between $25-$32 depending on the retailer.

    The shop probably got the gun as a trade in and based on what I have seen locally I would say they have between $110-$140 tied up in the gun. I would almost bet a closer figure would be $120 because most shops try and resale for 2x what they paid for a trade in, especially SKS's.

    Not knowing where you live and what the market value for SKS's are in your area I would offer them $200 cash in hand but be prepared to pay the full retail price if you really want the gun.
  4. Well to give you an idea of thier pricing, S & W 22a 5.5" used (and a bit groady as well) was $189 and I can throw a rock and get a new one for $200.

    My real problem is the only other place that seems to carry the SKS is Cabella's and they are sitting in the $230-250 range. They are Yugos though and I really prefer those (love the GL tip)

    Oh I'm in Minnesota (Twin Cities area) so if you know a place with SKSs I'm almost done redoing my 91/30 and need something else fun
  5. i got my yugo for $100 so price just depends on who ya know, but $239 does seem a little above the norm
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    The good chicoms are much better guns then the yugos. There was a mess of chicoms that were not pinned barrels. The going price for one here is $225.
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    that would be a hell of a deal around here i would buy it.
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    Krippp Well-Known Member in Nc is selling them (Yugo SKS) for $169-$199