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Is this the new normal?

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Finally I walk into the gun shops around here and the shelf’s are full of primers, powder, and bullets. They are not disappearing off the shelf’s as soon as they are stocked. I am thinking the drought just may be over.

Problem is that prices have not dropped like I thought they would. I never figured prices would go back to pre Covid days, but I did not think prices would stay this high. Powder used to be $30 -$35 a pound, primers $35 - $40 per thousand. Today powder is $45 - -$55 per pound, primers are $80 per thousand.

I ask again, is this the new normal?
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Looks like it. :(

Peace favor your sword (mobile)
I can still reload cheaper. I am still working with my ample supply of powder and primers and I cast my own pills. I have about 100 jacketed for each caliber but they are on hold. Powder prices here are still pretty much the same, $30 -$45 a pound, primers are still non existent. But then again we only have one LGS that carries reloading components and equipment.
Most people can still reload 9mm for less than NIB. But it's pretty much the same as before in that if commodity plinker 9mm is the bar, your cost savings is much smaller. Maybe you can save a couple of dollars off of a box of range blaster 9. But to most folks $2-3 really isn't worth it; you spend more than that for a McDonnald's cappuccino. Building premium loads or boutique ammo you can cut about 50% off instead of 15% like the range blaster 9 so building precision rifle ammo for competition, premium hunting loads, or expensive 460 Rowland ammo has a more attractive payback.

But I still build 9mm and .38SPL. ...and 300 BLK, and .308 for my boy's rifle, and 30-30 when my dad wants it, and .223 when I run down my stock. And I'm planning on getting into 5.7 as well. I've got dies for .45ACP but I still haven't built any yet.

Peace favor your sword,
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