Is This Where The 2A Should Be?

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    This sounds better than the patriot militias.

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    I love how apparently a couple of men smiling and hugging on a bed are somehow enemies of America... :rolleyes:


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    I see you are casting off your "chains of liberalism!" :rofl: You can be healed my brother! :D
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    I'm actually feeling pretty well healed right now. I have a solid, loving relationship, good friends, a college degree, and should have a well paying job soon.

    I've never been a liberal - Always a libertarian. I just am really puzzled how two men dating, living together, or whatever somehow makes them enemies of America.
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  6. Back in the '90s there were those that were pushing to have 1 US congressman for every 40,000 people. It even had enough of a backing that the Wall Street Journal had an editorial about it being a good idea. It was that editorial that 1st made me aware of the idea.

    Good to see that there are still people who want this type of common sense idea. Hard to 'bribe' that many people. There is only so much room under the table.

    Of course state militias are desired by everyone who backs the 2nd Amendment.