Is your BOB knife dull?

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  1. I just had an ah-HA moment today sharpening some old knives. What if the SHTF and while using your flint lighter, cutting branches for fire wood, etc. your knife goes dull? What are you going to do? You can really ruin a knife trying to sharpen it on a rock. I have a little knife sharpener that is hand held and works great. It's not a wet stone type, but one of those that has two carbide blades in a 'V'. All you need to do is run the blade through it several times and you have a brand new razor sharp blade. This would be, IMHO, an excellent addition to a BOB. I'll try to post pictures of mine tomorrow. A dull knife is a pain in your arse, not the BG's.
  2. while I would not use those for my primary sharpener, they do work well for a shtf. Cheap, and you can quickly put an edge back on it if you need to.

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    THATS what I meant to add to my BOB! Yeah, my knife is still "factory" sharp and I can tell it isn't as sharp as it could be. Though, my cheap $2 sharpening stone will sharpen a blade to "quite sharp" after maybe 15 passes on each side, or maybe a bit over half a minute.
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    +1. I have one I keep in the bag for camping, but I also use a stone for real sharpening. Although it's better than nothing, they don't last forever, I've been through about 3 in the last 5 years or so. On the upside, they're cheap enough to keep around.
  5. I keep a knife/axe sharpener made by fiskars in my bag. Appears to be pretty high quality. Also have a couple extra small cheap folders for things like using the flint lighter that really dull a blade.
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    I have an inexpensive diamond carbide sharpener from WW in mine, cost about $6. It also sharpens fishing hooks, axes, and your wits. It's as large as a pen and has a retractable sharpening rod. Not the best, but it is a BOB, it works quick and efficiently and can multi-task. I was thinking about a wet stone, but this saves more space.

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    At wallyworld camping area they have a sharpening stone with a carrying sheath. I got it a few years ago and it's in my BOB
  8. I have two sharpeners in my GHB, first is a diamond steel sharpener and the second a fine honing stone. Each of these are about as long as a Bic lighter so they take up little room and the weight is a non issue.
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    I have my old Boy Scout wet stone in mine. Its about 2 1/2 X 3 inches so it takes up almost no room. I also have a small hatchet in my BOB. The stone works well to keep it sharp (along with a small metal file).
  10. I've used the "V" sharpeners, but for some reason I prefer the wet stone. I guess its because I just grew up using it. The stone takes up about the same amount of room as the other thing. TO each his own of course.
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    I keep a stone and oil in my kit, simply because it's the best for sharpening tools as well as a standard knife. Really can't beat what has worked for tens of thousands of years.
  12. I have posted pictures of my K bar with the sheath additions which has a small diamond sharpening rod . I also keep a small v shaped sharpener in my bag . I try to keep my knives in my GHB and my combat rig as sharp as possible .
    On a side note when you get a new knife for TSHTF make sure that you use it and get used to the (FEEL) of it before you put it in your gear that you will bet your life on .
  13. Have a Gerber "V" style sharpner in my BOB..... I think it will work for what I am using it for.....