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We have one shop in town, and he is really a sporting goods store. Selection is limited, but the prices are fair for this area.
He gets 90% of my firearm purchases. He doesn't seem to be trying to take advantage.
The closest real gun shop is 35 miles away in the "big city" and I have always felt that they gouge for firearm prices. They don't sell powder,
and I have only seen primers there once. Ammo prices are comparable to Gander M, which is still closer to me.
I have gone to Gander M for powders and primers, but that is only because of limited availability. They are the only powder seller within 30
miles, that is open for business when I can get in there. Their firearm prices are too high, and their ammo is often higher than the local shop. Again availability local is limited. Local shop only sells black powder.
I think the 22$ Haz-Mat fee to order over the web is insane, and drives the price of ordering too high.
I ordered primers and powder from Wideners a month ago, in stock items, and finally received an email Friday, that UPS has received the shipping info, but they still don't have the shipment. I won't order from them again. I'll drive the 40 miles to a shop that sells the items and eat the gas/time. Probably have to burn a personal day from work to catch them open.
My local WalMart has been totally out of ammo for pistols for two months. None. My daughter works in the bank inside the store,
and tells me she has not seen any hit the shelf in the entire time.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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