ISIS fatwa allows organ harvesting.....

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by SWAGA, Dec 25, 2015.

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    A translation can be downloaded here:
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    Apostates in most World Religions means
    "Those who have left the faith" so that would include Muslims
    of opposing Sects of Islam. But, I would bet my last Gold Dinar that
    they are also harvesting the organs of the Infidel... unless there is a
    "pork" exclusion. Fracman would be TOTALLY Excluded! :D :rofl:

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    Grew up on pork. Father was a pig farmer (in addition to other things). Come and get 'em!!
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    Well about this time last year they were eating the organs of their enemies...

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    Say what????????????
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    Who started Boko Haram? Hint. It's the same people that started iSis Us!
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    What is at least a little concerning is that these are not simply battlefield transgressions in the fog of war.
    Rather they are officially sanctioned efforts allegedly for fundraising.
    Iraqi doctors have been executed for refusing to participate in the 'harvesting'.