isnt kentucky great

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    i forgot that i had this saved in my email. its a little old because ernie fletcher is gone. but it goes to show that to some states our rights shall not be infringed.

    This week, Governor Ernie Fletcher (R) signed two NRA-backed bills into law. SB 38, a “Castle Doctrine†bill, establishes a presumption that citizens are justified in the use of force when violent criminals attempt to forcibly enter their home, vehicle, or other dwelling. It also codifies a court decision specifying citizens may meet force with force and have no duty to retreat when being violently attacked. The other bill was the comprehensive firearm rights reform package, HB 290. It includes provisions that allow employees to store firearms in their vehicles while at work so they may protect themselves as they travel to and from their jobsite. The Attorney General is directed to take legal action against employers who prohibit firearms storage or who attempt to punish those employees who choose to exercise their right to self-defense within their own private property¾their vehicle. HB 290 also guarantees the confidentiality of all information associated with carry permit holders and allows the permit to substitute for the phone call to the FBI during firearm transfers. Finally, the bill protects law-abiding Kentuckians against the kind of abuses endured by the citizens of New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. It strictly prohibits government officials from in any way restricting the rights of gun owners, or those trying to legally acquire firearms for protection, during a state of emergency or disaster. Thank you to all NRA members who took time to call your State Legislators. This could not have happened without your help!

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    Too bad ol' Evil Ernie drove our economy into the ground and ruined the budget. I voted for our current Governor, Beshear.
  3. I used to live in Radcliff,KY...should of stayed there...loved Kentucky.
  4. i wonder if mississippi has anything like this? i'll find out and post results.
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    When exactly was "this week", xtreme1ky, because Fletcher hasn't been governor since December.

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  7. Rob, Mississippi does have the castle doctrine.
    They also have the "Emergency Powers act" ( The Katrina bill)
    Now I can add Kentucky to my list of possible relocation sites!!!
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  9. excellent!!! thanks! :lol: :lol: :D :D