Israeli FAL

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  1. Ari

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    They have on of these at a local gun store very nice shape $1600
  2. Idotusa

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    Now that is a MBR.

    Someone needs to make a FAL in .410.

    What tell you see what I an getting Saturday. I will post some picks of it as soon as I can, you will not be able to stand up is there is women and children in the room. It is a Charter arms explorer II .22 rifle with a collapsible 3 position butt stock, pistol grip, full barrel shroud and a 15 round mag. I am trading in a cherry. black Henry U.S. survival .22, with a Tasco scope and 400 rounds of Austrian .308. I got the rifle new for free from the same FFL that I am getting the Charter arms explorer II from. My Henry is so nice that he is allowing $1.00 less in trade then what it would have cost me new. So with the ammo and the scope I will have $58.00 in the explorer II and I have the explorer II pistol that matches it in my collection already.