ISSC M22 transfiguration

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  1. I've got my hands on an ISSC M22 pistol and found it very nice to shoot with the right ammo. For those unfamiliar with this pistol, it’s a Glock-ish (so much so that Glock sued ISSC) .22LR pistol made in Austria and currently distributed by American Tactical Imports (ATI). It requires High Velocity ammo, but even at that, it’s definitely ammo picky: While it gobbles CCI 1260 FPS without a hitch (0 failures /300 rounds) it didn't like comparable Federal 1260 FPS at ALL (100% FTE).

    I got a decent deal on mine – not great, but decent- and the reason I did was because the gun was pink. Not Muddy Girl, not raspberry, but really PINK.

    I reached out to ISSC in Austria to see if they'd consider selling me a different color grip frame. Much to my surprise, I got a response from them within 24 hours; but it was a polite refusal. ISSC in turn connected me to their U.S. distributor (ATI), and they also gave a me a polite, but firm, "we don't sell the grip frames".

    So there was only one thing to do: Send it to forum member J&N for a little Ceracoat transformation in Burnt Bronze.

    I think Jeff at J&N did a fabulous job, and I wanted to share a pic with before and after images. The pics don’t do the new color justice- it’s really awesome in person.


    ISSC website:
    American Tactical Website:
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    That picture is a good bit darker than what that color is in person.
    It's almost a metallic looking FDE

  3. Nice change in color. I had one and the only reason I got rid of it was ammo picky. I also had no problem CCI Mini Mags but then suddenly they disappeared!!! Went off the radar totally. Winchester, Federal etc really didn't like them.

    I did find their cust service was good.

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    adam - you may retain your man card. Nice switch. I'd do that to my SD9VE just cuz it looks cool.
  5. I saw those a few months ago on a firearms for sale (hint) website for $139.00. Different colors too. By the time I got through the pre-order process they ran out.

    Hows it shoot?
  6. Stromm, it's a tack driver, but you've got to supply it with the right tacks. So far, it's CCI. So far, it's FTE on every Federal and Winchester round. I've been told that once it gets broken it, it will become less picky. Time will tell.
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    The after picture is considerably more attractive but much less likely to get you attention at the range. :p