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Issue with sights

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I shot my 1095ST for the second time yesterday and something came up. As a side, I had added a Bushnell red-dot and my target was 25 yards out.
I had great difficulty picking up my rear-sight. I could see the red dot from all angles but I became uncertain if I saw it through my rear sight.
As a result my shots were low and right primarily.
Has anyone else had this problem and if so, what was your solution?
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It's called "co-witness"(ing) to be able to have red dot and iron sights lineup. It's difficult with the HP due to having such a low rear sight. You can do it with using see-thru scope mounts, but that would raise up the scope many times too high, to get a good cheek weld.

Or, as another resort by doing what is known as 1/3 sighting if you have a red dot scope that is at least a 30mm or larger objective. If scope is a mini/micro RD scope then co-witness won't work. This is where you use only the red dot as an upper sighting system and still seeing the front sight under the scope's illuminated dot while looking through the scope(red dot) and align the rear sight up with front. You have both sights capability at same time. This is where having the correct height scope mount comes in where you adjust scope up/down with using rail height adapters sometimes. Of course, getting the scope too tall is just as bad as using see-thru mounts due to not getting good cheek weld with neck stretching and not having firm stock to shoulder placement for recoil and throwing shots off.

I hope I explained well. In other words, with using a RD, you'll have capability of using just the illuminated scope dot, and also using the rear iron sight and aligning/seeing the front sight also un the lower 1/3rd of scope under the illuminated dot.
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