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Issues with the new build

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I've already posted before about the commander sized 1911 that I built in 22 TCM. I live in New York so the pistol can't hold more than 10 rounds and I wanted it to be able to accept the the longer ammo. as opposed to the 39R ammo that Glock conversions and some of the MAPP pistols take since I also reload. I also wanted to see if I can change barrels and recoil springs , making this a possible 3 caliber firearm using a custom Super.38 frame and magazines. I took the frame and slide to a LGS and had them fitted and the slide milled to accept my optic. The LGS did that but beat the crap out of my front sight, never checked the optic for accuracy, and messed up the finish on the cerakote covering the slide.
Back it went! He fixed everything but the optic. Once I got it back I did a trigger job on it and got it down to just below 4lb.s on the trigger and smoothed it out. (it was over 5.5lb.s).
Next up was the optic which was shooting low beyond adjustment. I looked for shims in my workshop but all I could find were some razor blades which were pretty close in size to the base of the red dot. I trimmed them with some tin snips and put a couple underneath. I got the gun hitting dead on at 7 yd.s but started having jamming issues and a lot of blood on the bench.
🙄 News Flash: don't be a dumb ass and use razor blades to shim a sight! Since I didn't lock tight the screws or torque 'em down real good an edge moved just enough to cut two of my fingers and it was so sharp I didn't even feel it! I have now corrected that problem with washers and band aids.
The president of another club gave me some bullets he casted and powder coated for the TCM. These weighed consistently at 38.4gn.s and were short enough that there should have been no problem loading.
I double checked with a Sheridan Engineering cut away go/no go gauge and with my full size TCM. The rounds were fine there but when I tried to load them in the commander the slide refused to go all the way into battery. Even some factory rounds were presenting this problem. I'll play with my dies today to see if I can cure this but I'm not optimistic. I'm wondering if I can have the Chamber reamed a tiny bit without ruining accuracy?


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Yup, screwed up again! The 9mm dry fit the slide nicely, only problem is it's a para cut ramped barrel which is what my FS ultra takes but NOT the commander. I'm going to have to find non-ramped barrels to fit the frame. I found some Roto "hammer forged" barrels on Sarco's website. I'm not familiar with them.
Sarco, I buy a lot of my FAL stuff from there, that website and gunthings.

Anyway, sidetracked lol. Sarco good to go - nice people. Milsurp and kinda like a Numrich parts wise, not as much but a place worth checking when needed.
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