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I can see the Daisy Powerline in it. I also see the Henry Long Ranger in the receiver. I like it.

Do I like it more than my Ruger PC Carbine? Looks alone, yes. But my Ruger PC Carbine pairs with my Ruger American pistols. The Henry does not. Still, it has my interest.

The big question is do I like it more than a Ruger LC Carbine and 57 pistol? That combo is still in the back of my mind. I don’t really need another cartridge, heck, I have been trying to eliminate cartridges and I am very happy with the PC carbine and American pistols. I will not be rushing out and buying the Henry as soon as it hits the dealers shelve, but it probably put the skids on any thoughts of the LC Carbine and 57 pistol. The Henry Homesteader will be high on my maybe list for 2023.
The return of the Marlin Camp Carbine!

Greg, if you like your Ruger Americans, buy as many as you intend to get soon, Ruger told me at the Dallas Safari Club show they have discontinued production and it will be discontinued when they run out of parts in the next couple of years. I was floored, but I guess it didn't sell as well as they had expected.
1 - 3 of 26 Posts