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    My CWP finally showed up in the mail today. First place I went concealed was to Sportsman's Warehouse to pick up a box of Speer Gold Dot 155 gr. 40 S&W...

    Also got a bunch of lead bullets while I was there. Just got done loading up about 50 or so... Anyway, finally got my "License to Kill" :lol:
  2. Congratulations! I can't wait until our idiot governor is ousted so we have a chance at being allowed to CC here too. Wisconsin is one of only two states, I believe, ;eft to not allow some form of CC.

    What do you plan to carry?

  3. Sweet! Congrats! My dad and I are going Wednesday the 16th to take the class.
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    With these:

  5. Uraijit, if you could please remove the serial numbers from that picture of your XD, I'd greatly appreciate it, for your own privacy's sake.

    Now, get your arse out there and carry that BEAUTIFUL XD .40S&W!!!!
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    I was just about to say....

    Congrats Uraijit! Welcome aboard!!!
  7. Congrats, now go do the Wally World thing :lol:
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    Hardly ever go to Wal-Mart. It'll probably be one of the last places I carry, in fact...

  9. Congratulations Uraijit.
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    Oh, and I did end up going to wal-mart yesterday after all... After going to the mall, and every boat shop in town.
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    congrats, feels good, huh? I like the xd40 too. That's what I run around with. And sharp sticks...