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  1. My CCW permit!!! WOOT!!

    Now, I gotta go downtown tomorrow, gotta try it out.

  2. Oh man I cant believe that NM is the retarted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Congrats dude!!!
  3. I dare you to conceal carry your Desert Eagle.

    I did that once with mine when I went to the range. The range guys had a good laugh at that.
  4. reaHP

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    Congrats primal. As you know I shared the feeling when I recently recieved mine.
  5. AndrewST

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    Sweet! Gratz! Now don't shoot your toes off.
  6. elguapo

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    Congrats, and Welcome to the new world of carrying!
  7. w00t!!!!!!!!!! WTG bro!!! OC in NM is ok tho, but a CCW makes for a great backup in case of hassles from The Man...heh heh
  8. Strangerous

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    Oh great, another gun-toting hillbilly!
    J/K GOOD JOB, now go get your Fla non-resident AND New Hampshire non-resident!
  9. Good deal!!! Being a military dude and all, I guess we can assume you're used to "carrying" already? I know all the mental stuff I went through the first few weeks.

    Stay safe!
  10. Due to the fact that I am not a cop for the USAF, I don't carry a pistol for my regular job, hell, I'm not even qualified on it. So, this will be a first for me when I go run some errands later. Since it's kinda warm here, I'll probably carry the Makarov since it's smaller than my 1911, and I haven't recieved that carry holster for my Sigma from RFH yet.
  11. I bet CCing a Desert Eagle is about as good as trying to CC a HP 45. There really is only one way to carry it and that's on your hip, out in the open. Any attempt to hide it is pretty futile from what I've found. Doesn't stop me any. :twisted:

    Congrats on your CCW dude. :D
  12. I can't carry my Desert Eagle in New Mexico since I didn't qualify with it. I qualified with my 1911, so all I can carry is a .45 caliber and smaller. Kinda sucks, but crapola happens.
  13. Ouch......forcing me to "qualify" with my choice of firearm is a form of infringement on my 2A rights, if you ask me......

    Well, you shouldn't be undergunned with the 1911; worked for the military for many years, and put a lot of guys underground. Still does.
  14. I've considered getting mine, but what do you guys do in mid-summer?
    Like down here it's bloody hot and humid and the thought of having a gun on me... lord, where would I put it?
  15. It wasn't that I was forced to qualify with anything, it's just I couldn't legally qualify with my Desert Eagle cuz I was shooting reloads, you are required by law in New Mexico to qualify with factory loads. That's the only reason I didn't qualify with the .50 AE.
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    Welcome to the club man.
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    I really need to get one.
  18. While yes it's a bit of a pain for many of us, overall it's a good requirement. Think of some goof ball snob who wants to feel like a bad ass and get's his CC permit with a .22, then rolls around with a .454 Alaskan model Redhawk, or hell, even a sig or a 1911, something way more powerful then he can handle more then a couple shots at a time at the range or his back yard to show off. All in all, it's good, in my opinion.