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Ouch......forcing me to "qualify" with my choice of firearm is a form of infringement on my 2A rights, if you ask me......

Well, you shouldn't be undergunned with the 1911; worked for the military for many years, and put a lot of guys underground. Still does.
While yes it's a bit of a pain for many of us, overall it's a good requirement. Think of some goof ball snob who wants to feel like a bad ass and get's his CC permit with a .22, then rolls around with a .454 Alaskan model Redhawk, or hell, even a sig or a 1911, something way more powerful then he can handle more then a couple shots at a time at the range or his back yard to show off. All in all, it's good, in my opinion.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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