it followed me home... honest

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    So my wife teaches yoga to a bunch of elderly ladies every monday. Today I got kicked out of the house, during their class so I decided to go window shopping. One of the local shops had a Springfield 1911-A1 that I was really interested, so I thought I'd go in and chew them down in price. Well, as luck would have it, they sold it (and I was kind of pissed, as it's still on their website, in their current inventory). Just as I was ready to bail, I found this little gem sitting in a corner, all by itself. I was seriously considering an XD-M .45 along with it but I came to my senses.

    I came in the back door, attempting to avoid the crowd but I got busted. it was so worth the aggravation.

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  2. Dagwood

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    It was meant to be yours! Funny how stuff works out like that.

  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Good for you!:)
  4. great find!!All you need now is to find it's little
    brother:The CF380 Comp :)
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    OK I'm at a bit of a loss... I completely stripped it down and instead of the two springs behind the firing pin, there's one rather strong spring and two pieces of what I would normally mistake as a quarter inch pvc hose. That normal or was someone being creative, after losing a spring? The slide on the comp feels just a hair stiffer than the c9. I may shoot an email to customer service to get the low down and if necessary, order a couple of spring sets.

    But I really have to admit I do like the thing.
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    Afaik the older model has the single spring and the newer models have the smaller spring inside a slightly larger spring.
    If it works let it be otherwise order a spring set from HP.
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    nice find grats on the new to you pistol
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    This is from my 995 classic. I don't own a Hi-Point pistol...yet...but I'm guessing your comp model has the older style pin and spring set up similar to this.

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  9. Congrats on joining the COMP crowd. ;)
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    Nice find
    I have had a few HP's follow me home also
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    Yes, that is exactly what's there. I'm assuming that's an older style firing pin and the rubber rings were used instead of a second spring. Since I want to keep all of the original parts, and don't want to risk damaging the firing pin, would I just be better off ordering a more current style firing pin & additional spring, and putting the rest of the stuff away for the next owner of this pistol?

    I still want to use it, but I don't want to have to go out and scrounge around for older style parts, if I can interchange the new with the old.
  12. bws

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    Thank you!

    I gotta share this though: I was at a springfield-armory forum meet this past sunday, and ther was going to be a couple of contests, etc, so I through the comp in my case, with my xd's. First time going to one of these things, so I had no idea what to expect.

    My case has a lot of stickers on it, including one from this forum. I heard someone softly say something about hi-point, but didn't care... to each their own, right? I competed in a couple of challenges with the XD, but sincye this was my very first, I was nervous. I didn't do too bad, but I didn't do as well as I could have.

    Once all of the competitions were done, the RSO opened up the range for an open shoot. People were showing off their AR's, their glocks, their springfields and of course, a myriad of big caliber revolvers.

    I pulled out my comp and in one corner of the shooting gallery it got really quiet, like right after someone ripped a loud fart in church. Once again, I didn't pay any attention, but I proceeded to hammer 5 steel gongs with 5 shots from at least 25 yards away.

    I was very happy with it to begin with, but considering I could have conceivably purchased 3 more hp's for the same money I have invested in my XD, I think there were a few people rethinking their uppity opinions on hp's.

    Had I been smart, I would have brought the 45 down and used that for the pistol competitions. I think I could have done a little better there.

    Thank you all, you've all helped me to seriously reevaluate and put things into perspective, as far as this brand is concerned.
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    I'm not a collector so I'm not sure if the old style firing pin is desirable or not... what I do know is that Hi Point will send you the upgraded firing pin and allow you to keep the old one.