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  1. Ridge

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    Picked up a DPMS LPK at the Tanner Gun Show at the beginning of the month, and just placed my order for a stripped lower for $85 shipped, courtesy of Kiser Munitions! Joe over at Kiser has been a ton of help for me, consistenly quickly replying to my emails as I asked question after question, and I wouldnt hesitate to do business with him again!
  2. You ordered a stripped AR-15 lower for $85?!?!

    Can you PM me some details!? I am SERIOUSLY interested in buying one just like it!

  3. I wouldn't mind a few myself.

    Well at least one.

    If they ban them again, having the lowers will be awfully nice.
  4. jason865

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    Kiser has stripped lowers for $85 all the time primal. I believe they are superior arms lowers, which seem to have good reviews.

    I will be ordering a couple of thier lowers right after christmas.
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    You can change calibers. 7.62 x 39 for that price is nice. Or maybe a .450 thumper.
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    Not much of a discount, but I hope to have a FFL soon so I can avoid all those nasty transfer charges.
  8. I would like to build a AR on the .45 acp platform (uses grease gun mags).

    THat would be lots of fun.
  9. Ridge

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    Why have I gotten 3 reply to post emails in as many hours when there have been no new posts since the first?
  10. I'm planning on building a new AR when I get finished with my cetme project. has complete Stag lowers with A2 stocks for $218, and has complete 20" A3 uppers with bolt, carrier, and charging handle for $395. I'll have right at about $650 in a brand new gun. Wish I would have done that before I bought my first AR !! Sorry bout the thread hi-jack I got excited lol....
  11. How hard is it to install the parts in a stripped lower like that? What parts do you need to finish it?
  12. Ridge

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    The DPMS lower parts kit contains everything to complete a stripped lower, save a stock...

    I have a how to I downloaded in pdf format off an AR forum, and it looks pretty straight forward...

    I am waiting on someone local to get back to me on a stock they want to sell, but havent responded to me in 2 weeks now...ugh.

    Im also looking to Del-Ton for my upper assembly, but I want to get a 16" flattop assembly, and eventually to have the rail handguars with some rubber caps on them, as I plan on a vertical foregrip and an EoTech...

  13. Didn't know about these guys. I'll be in Wickenburg next week, so I'm going to give them a call and see if I can pick up a lower while I'm down there. That'll give me 2 complete ARs instead of one lower and 2 uppers.

    Thanks a lot for the info Primal! If I end up with one I'll let y'all know what I think of it. :wink:
  14. Dude, if you have the spare cash, grab one for me and I'll pay you for it when I get to Vegas. I am already going to get one regardless, but you could save me some time. Of course, I'll pay tax, shipping and FFL for it if you have them ship it to you.
  15. Or 2 actually.... I could use a His/Hers combo...

    Or just get a .50 AE upper for the second AR... that would be cool as hell....

    Honestly NDS, just PM me about it.
  16. Ridge

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    LOL like a kid in a candy store...
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    That is a pretty good deal on DPMS lowers.
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    Ugh...already got mind made up for my Saiga...but that price for a stripped lower...Hmm...