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  1. As of right now,
    my AK build project is on. I picked up a Romanian "G" kit from the Greensboro Gun Show at the DPH Arms table. I've had the receiver flat for about a month now. Last night, I cleaned up the kit and got all the cosmoline off and ground out the old rivets so I'd be ready as soon as my crossmember kit (that I forgot to get at the show) arrives. Tonight Im sitting here at the computer sanding on my wood( no jokes please) and cleaning up a bit so I can refinish it. Tomorrow night if all goes according to plan I will be bending the receiver. I'm officially psyched!
    Ive got several AKs but this will be my first one that I built myself.
  2. Awsome man !! Be sure to post some pics as you build if you can !

  3. How? Do you have a jig, or are you one of those brave souls who do it with a hammer and a vise? (Yeah, people really succeed in doing this.)

    I just bent three at a party two weeks ago with the famed Krinkmaster 6000, and wondered how you are doing it.

    And I humbly admit: "Uh, Hm, I'm farmkid, and I'm an AKoholic." I just bought another kit today. :D

    And, as Indiana says: PICS!
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    Ah HAH!! It's a mad Soviet build-fest going on around here! Now we just need a tweaked out Makarov and perhaps a modified CZ and we'd have a complete list.

    Any takers on this challenge?
  5. i've forgotten the particulars on how much it costs to build your own. Fill me in please. I would like an ak but can't afford another 500+ dollar gun.

    Catch me on aim sometime man.
  6. I certainly will be using a jig for the bends, as I am definitely not one of the brave souls with the hammers.
    Lets see, the flat was 15 bucks, the parts kits was $150.
    my rivet kit was $9.00
    I haven't really counted everything up but Im still under $200.
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    FWIW you can get a NODAK spud reciver for 30$ for just abotu any make of AK with correct markings. That makes the flat bend direction kinda irrelevant cost wise. Ive seen a flat bend go VERY bad (trust me) and you can trash a good kit trying to fix it.

  8. Well, I've got a few flats to play with so maybe it won't end too badly.
  9. And then you have to get the compliance parts. Benny here sells packages with the trigger group, compensator, and gas piston for about $100. And you can get an HP forum discount from him.

    You'll also need tools, although most of them can be bought or made cheaply. The big exception is the binding jig itself. As Silicon said, you can buy a pre-bent one, although as far as I know, this will also require an FFL transfer. An alternative is to get on this AKFiles thread:

    and get on the list for the travelling jig -- or find someone near you who's in the rotation.

    Aside from any tool costs, you can build one for well, well under $500. I'm looking at about $250 each for mine.
  10. 8You know what really sucks?

    That the kits have almost pretty much dried up for good (that come complete with barrels).

    Yeah, we might see an occasional stash of kits once in a while, but the days of buying 99 dollar Romy kits as new are pretty much over.

    I have a stash of about 11 kits so I'm set for a while but it sucks that the kits are pretty much going to be gone.

    I imagine that we will be seeing kits with new virgin barrels but that is a lot more work (I know, I put a virgin barrel on my Yugo a year ago).
  11. Well, looks like the build project is on hold. Due to some unforseen cirumstances, I won't be able to bend the flat for about a week.
    Im not too happy since I've got the itch to do this but patience is a virtue I suppose.