It Isn't Christmas Yet! (Warning, Grinch Rant)

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  1. So why they heck am I seeing this driving down the road!
    They've had it up for almost TWO WEEKS! My rule is the day after Thanksgiving is the absolute earliest I will display anything Christmas related. Does this bug anyone else, or am I just gettin old and grumpy?
  2. was that at fayetteville?

    Theres a guy up here in wilkes that pulls the same thing every year just after Halloween.

  3. That's 10 minutes ago, around the corner, as in right down the street! Drives me nuts!
  4. Makes you wonder if they leave them up all year long.... Stupid.
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    It is WAY to early for christmas stuff. come on people what about thanksgiving even if it is a celebration about white people screwing over the natives but oh well.
  6. I guess I'll be on the other side of this one and say I have no problem with this. You see, in my dad's house Christmas season starts in July, though it doesn't go into full swing until after Halloween. That's how it's always been for me and my family :) I love this time of year and the season in general, so like I said, I don't really have a problem with this :) But that's just MHO.
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    Worse yet.... you get those people who wonder why on Earth you don't have YOUR Christmas decorations up NOW! (had that happen to me earlier this week by my neighbours)

    When I told them that a) isn't it a tad TOO early for it, and b) When I don't celebrate the holiday, I'm really not planning to do anything, they just looked at me sympatheticly and said "Oh, I'm so sorry."


    Around here, not being 3 months early for a consumer holiday that is attached to someone ELSE'S legitimate secular holiday is almost as bad as having cancer it seems.

    I've been seeing Christmas sales for over a month now, and ads aplenty demanding I spend as much as possible on "Black Friday" for over TWO MONTHS! And, besides, why does nearly 25 percent of the entire nations GPD and the live and breath of nearly half of the buisnesses in the US depend on ONE day that is so kindly named "Black Friday" anyways?

    *stops seething for a moment*

    Sorry. I hear ya. It's become stupid.

    By the way: Didn't you Christians have a holiday around the same time... something about several prophets, a barn and some importiant fellow being born at the end of the economic cycle? Used to hear about it in between the Wal-Mart TV spots and end-of-year Automotive rebates on the radio. Ya know...around the same time as that one Jewish thing....the one that went on during the "last minute" sales at the malls?
  8. SOMEONE GET THE MORPHINE! WE'VE HIT A SORE SPOT! Man I thought my bickering was bad, but I actually enjoy a bit of shopping. One of the few times the wife lets me spend a good bit of money on her without her feeling all guilty about it not goin to something else. But I do agree with most of what you say Neo, just apparently not as strongly. :)
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    Sorry...been subjected to the retail hell in the course of dealing with a new day job that has been hyping Christmas ever since I started, and we sell WOOD AND APPLIANCES!!

    That and I've been having a bad week... sorry. This is why I need to shoot plastic milkjugs full of ice. Even Buddhists need a little stress relief.

  10. Yeah, I vaguely remember something along those lines.... It was called CHRISTmas back then... Now it's just X-mas.... Anything to take Christ out of Christmas when it's supposed to be "His" birthday anyway....
  11. LOL, just bustin on yea, and I know what you mean though. I hope to never have to live in the retail world again. Matter o fact, startin a new job tomorrow where I hope to not even deal with people face to face a whole lot.
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    Im looking forward to Black Friday...and its called that because businesses get out of the red (negative profit) and back into the black, which is profit...

    I mean, hell, I can pick up a 22" widescreen monitor for $150 at Best Buy next friday!!
  14. what, cheap tv? huh? been looking for one!
  15. We have a radio station here that started playing Christmas music 24/7 the day after halloween. They did this last year also.
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    LCD computer monitor
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    Christmas is actually when it is because it was a pagan holiday... The Christians started celebrating Christmas at this time so they would not be persecuted... That's why the trees, and the lights, and all that crap is even around for it...

    Anyway, as far as "Black Friday" goes, the name isn't what you seem to think it is... It's "black" as in profits... The accounting term "in the black" as opposed to being "in the red". It's called that because it's the number one day in retail sales.

    Sorry you're not big on the Christmas season, but the majority of Americans are, so... That's just something ya gotta deal with.
  18. BUT IT'S NOT CHRISTMAS YET! That's my rant, back on topic here... So...
  19. boy, and I thought I was the only one with this pet peeve.......I am sick of this behavior!

    Christmas is on Christmas and no way should you start on Christmas before the turkey (or whatever you have on Thanksgiving)!