It was awesomely epic, and totally random!

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by desertrider, Jun 11, 2014.

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    I almost instinctively stabbed myself in the side of the head with a fork when I heard this yesterday.

    I was having lunch at a restaurant near UCR in Riverside surrounded by UCR students, and overheard two male students describing a chance encounter with some artist.

    I lifted my face out of my burger long enough to focus on the two undergrads flexing their English muscle to elaborately describe this chance meeting with apparent fame.

    I know this is a pretty lame rant, but I know I'm not the only person irritated by people eager to describe the epic idea they just had, or the awesome beer they just discovered, or the ridiculous fries they just tasted.

    Has the word "good" been stricken from our vocabulary?

    So if the words epic and awesome are worthy to describe how a burrito tastes, how will one of these intellectual giants find the words to describe the birth of their first child? Will it be any more significant than that burrito they had?:confused:
  2. a girl i work with uses the word amazing all the time for describing wine or food. It is annoying.

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    I usually give girls a pass for the use of exuberant language, unless they do it constantly.

    I deliberately bolded the word male in my post because I'm less forgiving when I hear guys go overboard with using descriptive language. When my son still lived at home it would bug me when he used words like epic and random to describe things.

    When I was a kid, the key words were "cool", "bad", and "tits" to describe something good, in order of its level of acceptance. If something was "cool" it was good, if it was "bad" it was better than good, and if something was "tits" it was the best.

    If something was bad, the words "bunk", "bogus", and "sucks" were used to describe the level of disapproval.

    I miss the good ol' days.
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    Well, we live in a society full of advertising. Nobody says their new burrito is "good" or "tasty." It's AMAZINGLY CRISPY shell and INCREDIBLY DELECTABLE BEEF with OUTRAGEOUSLY ZESTY SALSA will make it the BEST TACO YOU HAVE EVER LAID EYES ON!!!!
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    It's cool, daddy-o.

    You know, groovy.

    You know what I mean, it's face, da bomb!

    Yeah, totally fly!

    Peace favor your sword,
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    :D :p


    They have to capture the attention of their target market, and that demographic is predominantly Americas youth.

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    i'm sure glad the whole hella this hella that thing quickly faded away.
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    Indeed, their word selections drive me emphatically indifferent!
  9. Branth

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    Yeah, that was hella annoying.
  10. Liberty

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    Thank goodness it wasn't b!tchin'.
  11. Liberty

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    That is one of the best explanations of "epic" being a complete failure. Now if we could just get them to weigh in on other stupidity....
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    I don't give a rats ass what they say, if they will just pull up their frickin pants.... I've seriously considered carrying a staple gun with me, yanking their pants up past their tits, and stapling them there...
  13. bluebone

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    well dont sugarcoat it!!:p
  14. Bull

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    Tell me you haven't thought the same?
  15. bluebone

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    of thoughts may have been a little more harsh. perhaps involving a large hose clamp and a cordless drill.
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  17. undeRGRound

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    They will say they are without words. I have seen it. They use all the superlatives for everyday, ordinary things, so nothing is left!

    So, she likes her food and wine! :D
    I'm with ya, Horn.
  18. Bull

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    Ohhhhhhh!!! Bull likey!!!!!
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