It's A Crime Wave!

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  1. So I pulled into the lot in front of the house from the grocery store earlier today and noticed a strip of rubber lying near my wife's Honda. I checked it out; it was the driver's side (right side here in the UK) weather strip, torn off from front to back and thrown on the ground.
    We haven't driven the Honda since last month, but it's parked at the very end of the lot; it's centered, close to the curb, and not even close to jutting out into the street or close to any houses. Not that any of that is a reason to vandalize another person's property, but holy Hell! Talk about a dick move. It's just a quick screw and glue fix to re-attach it, luckily, but I shouldn't have to waste my time doing that.
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    Well spank my Butt Betty, did you hear that. :D

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    I guess those Brits never forgive or forget after hundreds of years.
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    better get a rape alarm now
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    Bloody yank!
    Strip his weather strip alright!

    * Prolly a crime in weathery England to strip somebodies weatherstrip, 'cause of the weather *
  6. To be expected in a country where the base stock were all pirates. That has never really left them.
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    NE Utah

    Do you mean the Cro- Magnons? Or the Celts, also called the Britons? Or the Picts of the north? None of whom were big sailers.

    Or the invaders, the Romans, then the Anglo Saxons, then the Danes, who were Vikings of Norway, Sweden and Denmark, then the Normans who were just Frenchified Vikings, as opposed the the Britons who settled in Brittany prior to that, who were Frenchified Britons...but then, some of them settled in Britonia, now called Galicia, in Spain, as well...:cool:

    Anyway...not much base stock involved in piracy, it was the invaders that brought that idea along.
  8. Well it's my wife's car, and she's Bulgarian, so it's misplaced if that's what it is lol. I drive a Ford. Can get a double whammy on that one. :p
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    It sounds like some neighborhood ruffians were muckin' about. Today's lads have no respect. Bloody wankers...
  10. It was what you call the Anglo Saxons, who make up the main blood of the English. Even the Romans wrote about them being pirates when they still live on the continent.

    There is no Celtic or Roman base stock in the English. What you call the Anglo Saxons eliminated them. That is why there are only about 6 or so celtic words in the English language and they refer to some local ag terms. A few Roman place names were retained I think.

    As for the Normans, no significant number of them ever moved to England. Those that did were the just a small ruling class.

    Also the Viking do seem to dabbled in a bit piracy.

    The Britons who settled in Brittany weren't from England nor were they English nor even Teutonic, but were celts from the area of Wales or right from Wales.

    You did a nice job of going over what would be found grade school history book.
  11. England was at war with Bulgaria twice in the last 100 years. Both WW1 and WW2 Bulgaria fought along side the Germans.
  12. Yes and no for WWII. Bulgaria for the most part wanted to stay out of it, and Hitler didn't really care. But he DID care about Greece. So he gave Bulgaria an ultimatum; join me and get all your lost territory back you lost in the Treaty of Versailles to Greece, or be completely decimated while I roll over you to get to Greece.
    Bulgaria knew they didn't have a chance, and that the Soviets wouldn't get there in time to provide support. Plus, the incentive of regaining territory was pretty enticing, seeing as they had lost access to the Mediterranean after WWI.
    So they got into it, which was actually a genius move; being a ward of Germany meant they were able to keep Jews from being sent to concentration camps and were able to keep their forces from participating in major invasions. Germany got a bit wise and forced them to declare war on the UK and US, which naturally resulted in the Allies bombing them, but they did not retaliate. The Bulgarian government was smart enough to keep the Soviets on friendly terms, which meant as soon as the Soviets got close, Bulgaria was able to order their ground forces to stand down and let the Soviets in without any hostilities, making contact with British ground forces, and finally switching over to the Allies and fighting Germany.

    So while the Brits nowadays are weary of Bulgarians due to the en masse immigration of them into the UK upon being admitted to the EU (though they really hate the Romanians for that), they pretty much got no issue with Bulgaria.
  13. I forgot about Bulgaria being Warsaw Pact and continued to be an enemy of England for 45 years after WW2.

    Best you 2 pack up and come back to the US. Than when you or her say to someone that she is from Bulgaria they'll just ask what state that city is in. Or if it's said she's Bulgarian, they'll ask if that is associated with the Baptists.
  14. We're not coming back for a while I'm afraid lol. Extending a year out here and then probably gonna shoot for an assignment in Germany. Poland if they finally get that base up and running there.
  15. Man, if they moving you east, you'll be on the other side of the Urals before you can retire.
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    Watch it FB their out to get your booty
  17. Fine by me. Let's put it this way, my job as it stands has very few assignment opportunities. They are moving us out in droves; Japan no longer is an option, and where I am in England will be the only option in a couple years (and it's a selectively manned assignment, so unless you can get in good with the right people, it's also gonna be off the table for most people). South Korea is still an option, but my family can't come with me.
    My options for the U.S. are for the most part are California, Colorado, Maryland, Ohio, and Texas. The only one I'd be willing to take for very obvious reasons is Texas, but that would require taking a position that chafes harder than a sandpaper thong. Been to Ohio. Was there for five years. No offense Kirk, but no.
    I'd rather go without my guns for another half decade than be put somewhere where the ones I want are RIGHT there but just out of reach. :p
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    NE Utah are wrong...but if your source is a 4th grade history book, that would explain it.:p
  19. The Normans were around long enough to add that obnoxious U to words like honour and colour.
    Love it when people make fun of me over here for spelling it that way and I say, "You spell it that way because you love the French too much to let them go."
    That's like telling a terrorist he's in love with a Jew. They just can't.
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    You're safe. They've had a stiffy for Fords since they rebadged the Mercury Capri in the 70's.