Its a damm shame.......

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  1. You never see the press report about stuff like this overseas, only the bad things that happen :(


    (found in Saiga-12 forum)
  2. You don't see this stuff because most of the media doesn't want Americans to see it and realize that the US soldiers are actually doing a good thing in Iraq. Have heard several stories like this from buddies that have been there.

  3. Damn right......sent this to my buddy, he's got multiple family members over there right now serving. Good stuff.
  4. The war on terror is not all about killing or oil, if nothing else the troops are trying to help the people over there have better lives.
  5. Our troops are men and women just like us. They have a heart. This example here is one of many that should make the front page of every newspaper in the United States.
  6. I've met that Chief... Nicest Chief Master Sergeant I've ever met. Humble and Hilarious. That guy is cool as they come.
  7. +1 to that dude, buy him a beer if ya see him again :).
  8. +1
  9. i saved that pic and will send it out to my contacts. the media plays the american people like fiddles, showing only the bad stuff....i think the media is out of control.
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    That's a man by which all others should be measured...
  11. that my friend , is an American soldier. that is what they strive for and that is what they are. we should thank God for the men and women who are willing to go and serve. I do.
  12. When I saw that pic it brought tears to my eyes, I'm not ashamed to admit.

    He is a hell of a man to work all day and take care of a little girl that he doesn't owe anything to all night.

    Makes me feel a lot better about the human race.
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    The side of the war that is almost never seen. It is a shame that those kind of photos never make it back to the masses.
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    Well, don't blame all news media outlets. Why? It appears to be a snipet from a newspaper, which one? i donno, but i'd sure buy a subscription to it!
  15. He was actually showcased on CNN for that picture. It went to all the National News outlets...
  16. If you travel the internet enough, there's a bunch of pictures out there that highlight the honor, commitment and passion of our service members. I seem to find very few however that highlight anything of the sort of our media members. Not that I support propaganda, but balance would be nice. One might only imagine our country's support of our troops if more of the truth were known.

    God Bless those who answer the call.