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  1. My casting equipment finally showed up today. Got it all set up, and in just a few hour.............


    487 230 grain RN bullets lubed with alox. (there were a lot more, but they went back to the pot for imperfections)

    buying my bullets localy, that almos pays for half of the equipment already, plus it was FUN.
  2. dang nice. what will you be shooting them out of?

    I would love to get into casting but I don't have the time or room to deal with it.

    < wants/needs to buy a bunch of .45 lead bullets for his XD.

  3. Will be shot out of a couple 45 acp's ( 2 RIA and a JHP45) and 45 colt loads out of a 460 S&W XVR. Thanks Ibreevesii.....
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    Sweet! I'm jealous... I need some casting equipment.
  5. Drilln,

    Have you got a range report on those bullets yet? We'd love to hear about your results, along with some pics. I've heard people at my range say they were impressed with the TL bullets in their 1911's.

  6. I am still playing with loads trying to find one I really like with these bullets, but so far results are promising. Out of the 460 S&W (45 colt rounds) I have been printing 3/4 inch 5 shot groups (one ragged hole) at 35 yards, and as for the acp's, out of my main Rock, 1.5 inches at 20 yards (both guuns shot off sand bags). I think I can do better with the Rock, I just need to keep playing with the loads........ Sorry I don't have any range pics right now, I will see what I can do later.

    Oh and by the way, the liquid Alox lube is awsome, my barrels are showing virtually no signs of leading as oppsed to the cast bullets I was buying (pre lubed) which I felt the need to brush out every 150 rounds or so. just to be safe.
  7. Try using a liquid carnauba wax as a tumble lube. You can pick it up at Wally World in the auto department. I use Mother's Carnauba Gold, and it's really sweet. I haven't seen lead yet, even pushing 160 grainers at 2000fps from my '06. With no copper to foul out and the wax cleaning the previous microscopic lead fouling the gun seems to literally be self cleaning. It's filthy with graphite when I patch it but that's gone in 3-4 patches.