it's alive 45/9mm JHP

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    For those of you who have had an interest in the project 45 JHP to 9mm conversion heres where we are as of tonight. After the privious work mentioned here:
    I've lightened and melted the slide and installed a 9mm slide return spring and took it out this afternoon and it shot 100% reliable with no feeding or ejecting problems. Heres what it looks like now.

    It's been a fun project. Next on the list will be fixing the last round hold open feature as that ceased to work going to the smaller 9mm and I miss it. The mag pusher doesn't come close to contacting the hold open lever so I need to make a longer one that will stick in farther. Maybe texturing the grips. Work a little more on the magazine to make it a more permanent fix that won't shift around like it does now , though it doesn't seem to cause any problems firing.
    As always be safe when working on or shooting your weapons so that it stays on the "fun" side.
    Does anyone know what the brass colored plug on top of the slide does just in front of the rear sight ? You can see it in the 2nd pic about 11 O'Clock from the ejecter mounting pin. rj
  2. :shock: :shock: :shock: HOLY S***! Now that is SWEET :!: :!: :!: Good job man

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    Have no clue as to the plug but love that sweet piece of arsenal.
  4. Sweet piece!! I wish I had that kind of imagination. to top it off it works!! :shock:
  5. Incredible work! The only thing that would make this sweeter would be to rework the mag so that you don't need the 9mm inside the 45: with the 45's width you could have a sorta double-stack :)
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    Looks like something out of star wars. What's the Capacity of that?
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    Double stack in the 45 mag, now thats something I didn't think of. May not be to hard to do. The lips are too far apart as is and the 9mm falls right through. I'm going to look into it more . Thats whats great about these forums is that brainpower isn't limited to my puny brain and you guys come up with good ideas. rj
  8. one word... compensator.

    personally, I'm wondering how hard it would be going to convert it to different rounds besides the nine. can we say .44 magnum HP?

    I know that you would need to find a round that is equal in length to the original, but I may just have to use your play-by-play as a guide
  9. One more q: how did you know how much to reduce the slide? Did you weigh a C9 slide? Or just guess? I gotta say: that's a very decorative and imaginative way to cut the weight.
  10. A .44 magnum HP would be cool, but I sure would be afraid of a kaboom on that one. Not a gunsmith or anything, but that is a pretty powerful round.
  11. If you could mod the .45 mag into a double stack 9mm, I think it would instantly put you into god status LOL
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    "One more q: how did you know how much to reduce the slide? Did you weigh a C9 slide? Or just guess? I gotta say: that's a very decorative and imaginative way to cut the weight."
    Farmkid----I have a C9 and the 45 and weighed both slides and the 45 is about 10 oz. heavier if my memory is correct. I put it together with the stock 45 slide and 45 recoil spring and shot it just to see what would happen expecting the 9mm to not have enough power to cycle it correctly. But it did cycle it ,as is ,about 1/2 the time so I just figured any lightening up of the slide would help and add a coolness factor. The metal zink machines like butter anyways. Slide is still way heavier then a C9's. With the 9mm recoil spring with 1 1/2" extension of another spring to make up the difference in length from the 45 spring seems to work fine so far. The idea for lightening it up came from the net somewhere I saw pics of some real nice guns that did it this way. I may go to the range today (1 hour away from here) and sight it in and run a box of WWB 100 through it to see how it will hold up.
    I've since did a CF380 polish on the side of the slide like others have done and it looks nice.
    unreconstructed1----What does a "Compensator" do? Is it just for looks or does it have another purpose? rj
  13. It directs a bit of the muzzle blast upward to counteract climb.
  14. Take a short video! That would be sweet to watch :)
  15. Wow! That's cool.
  16. Great job ! I love it.
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    I have to say this looks awesome. But 1 dumb question. Why take a 45 and turn it into a 9? I don't get it.

  19. Because he CAN :clap: :dance: