It's ALIVE!!! muahahaha!

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    Just got in from the garage and ive successfully created a Skyy-Tec. none of this wobbly skyy slide on keltec rails either. Im heading over to my dads to get my Camera back and ill try to get some pics later tonight (please keep the gunny at bay)

    I modded an extra Kel-Tec grip ive got to fit the Skyy Frame so now i get the best of both worlds.

    Now takes S&W mags
    More comfortable grip (no more cuts & bruises)
    Deleted the crummy safety on a DA gun
    More accurate Skyy barrel & Slide
    Prettier SS Finish
    No more light strikes (hopefully)

    pics later tonight if not first thing in the morn.
    Ill be out to the range tomorrow to test this abomination. I dont forsee any problems.
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    I can't wait. I need to see this thing!!!!!

  3. Very interesting. You'll need to fill us non-sky-keltec converts in on exactly what you did and why you did it.
  4. z71silverado98

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    The Skyy is supposed to be a higher quality a clone of Kel-tec, but the grip is so uncomfortable and boxy that everyone that has shot it ended up w/ a cut on the knuckle/web area of their thumb. Ive still got a scar :shock:
    The ergonomics were so bad that the safety was engaged w/ every shot as well making it useless as a CCW.
    This gun was so painful that the person i bought it for would not shoot it and i had considered selling it after only 50rnds. w/ the new grip its just like the kel-tecs that I love but a little more accurate (for me at least)

    the only real difference between them is there's 3 frame pins on the kel-tec and 2 on the sky so cutting the reinforcement for the middle pin out of the plastic grip allows for the frame of the skyy to drop directly into the keltec frame.



    I also dropped the heavier KT hammer spring in since i was getting light strikes. And Ive also replaced the crummy Skyy recoil rod w/ a plastic KT version since the metal one was beginning to fold.

    I should have taken pics while i was working on it, but ill snap a few when i clean it after testing tomorrow.

    Independent sources claim the gun fits the hand much better so im confident that its not just wishful thinking.
  5. Let us know how that thing shoots ok? That's one interesting project you got there Z!
  6. Wow! You're a real gunsmith, in the true sense of the word. But, I just wanted to say, I never had any problems with my knuckles ever getting hurt or cut or anything with my SKYY. I have experienced the safety automatically engaging, but only a few times. I'm interested how this turns out too.
  7. z71silverado98

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    they think im a true gunsmith :oops:

    Got a chance to hit the range this morn. 200 rounds flawless. No pain no cuts no bruising. Its a pure joy to shoot now.

    I'm gonna have my mother shoot it a few times then it will be promoted to her Car Carry as that was what it was originally intended for. She hated the Skyy grip vs kel-tec so it wasnt just me.

    KT grips are $25, i had a spare laying around to experiment w/, but IMO it would be totally worth the effort if someones got a Skyy and cant stand the grip/safety.
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    Where'd the pictures go?! Do you still have them?

    How many more rounds have you shot? Is it still running flawlessly?
  9. 47_MasoN_47

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    Yeah please put the pictures back up!!
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    Pictures damn it pictures!
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    Is z71silverado98 still a MODERATOR here?
  12. Did you think he was median or mean? :?
  13. If you're asking if he's still a Moderator here on HPFF, the answer is yes.
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    Good. Ask him if he would please re-post the pictures of his abomination gun and give us an update on how it is functioning/shooting/performing.
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