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  1. That vape, 'bout that vape, no smoking!

    Where the cloud chasers at??
  2. SWAGA

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    Good thing it's got a skull sticker.....

    But seriously if you quit smoking good for you.
    Now find a way to quit this vaping.....;)
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  3. I thought everything had to have skull stickers.

    Eh, I could probably drop the nicotine fully and use 0mg juices, but I don't want to stop vaping anytime soon. Too much fun.
  4. FlashBang

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    You do realize all you have done is change the delivery method of getting it into your system don't you? :p

    I smoked for over 47 years and tried patches, gum,and every thing on the market to quit, nothing ever seemed to work. I don't think anything will help you quit until you are really ready. I finally reached the point of saying "enough" and quit two years ago by just going cold turkey and bending a knee to ask for help. I quit without issue and haven't missed it. :)
  5. papataylor

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    Just put a good dip in.
  6. SWAGA

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    4.5 years ago I quit cold turkey.
    I'm the anti smoking nazi now.
    I have actually called complete strangers sinners for smoking outside in the cold ....
  7. Rachgier

    Rachgier Administrator Staff Member

    I picked it back up after almost 2 years of a cold turkey quit. I had some punk with one of those e-vape things walk by me and say, "Don't you know your cigarette smoke is dangerous for the rest of us?" I fired back with, "And just how safe is it for you to piss off the fat guy 3 times your size holding the cigarette?" Talk about a hypocrite.

    I need to quit again, I'm planning on doing it this spring when I can get out of the house and stay occupied.
  8. I do that from time to time, usually when I'm pissed off lol.
  9. While I preach the vape gospel, I will never claim that it is completely safe, there just has not been enough time to know the long term effects, and I would not recommend it for someone who doesn't already smoke, but it's a good way to ween yourself off the real deal, and it's just plain fun.
  10. Branth

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    Vaping is pretty widely accepted as being the lesser of two evils. It may have similar amounts of some harmful chemicals, or different hazards, but at least it's not swimming in tar and the same degree of nastiness as cigarettes are.

    They're not "safe" by any means, but I have a hard time seeing how they could possibly be worse than cigs.

    Eh... I hate cigarettes myself, and have never smoked and never will, but I'd never tell someone else what to do with their life. If someone wants to smoke till their lungs fall out, that's their choice.
  11. Dagwood

    Dagwood Supporting Member

    I have been vaping for about 5 years. I finally quit smoking analogs about 2 years ago. I've been on 0 mg strength for 2 yrs as well.

    I could not have quit smoking without e-cigs. Thank goodness for vaping!
  12. SWAGA

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    To me it's still a girlfriend I've lost and occasionally miss.
    You never really completely stop loving her but it's 90% hate.
  13. Hermitt

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    I also quit cold turkey. Almost 40 years ago now. :cool:

    I too am an anti-smoking nazi..... :p

  14. SWAGA

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    A little more figuratively is what I had in mind.
  15. That fact makes me want to smoke.
  16. papataylor

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    Smoke cigars
  17. moona11

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    Copenhagen is real nice right now;-)
  18. papataylor

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    Red Seal is where it's at. I dipped cope straight and black since I was about 14, made the switch to red seal about 4 years ago and haven't turned back since.
  19. moona11

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    Sell out :p
  20. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Too bad he didn't apply the same ide