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  1. lklawson

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    My buddy and fellow Judo instructor, Ken Weis, has been off on Disability from his job as a Correctional Officer for several months now while they try to figure out why he's been blacking out, getting light headed, and feeling generally sick & run down all the time. Turns out he has a pretty significant blockage in one of his arteries. Apparently it's hereditary. He's scheduled for a stint in about a week.

    It's been pretty rough for him lately. Besides being off work (on Dis), his teenage son has been giving him grief (told his dad last night that he wanted him to go somewhere and die) and been having marital issues as well.

    He just had both of his shoulders repaired and most likely also has a degenerative joint disorder similar to (but not) arthritis.

    Prayers are requested.

    Peace favor your sword,
  2. Outlaw

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    My prayers are with him. First hand, he should kick the kid out on his own and show him what it's gonna be like when dad goes. My kid said that to me, she'd be out in the snow post haste. Just my way of thinking

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    Prayers sent. My opinion ( and take it for what its worse) someone needs to teach his kids some manners. he is in a weakened condition.
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    Prayers on the way. Kid should grow up and be shown what respect is.
  5. Bull

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    Prayers sent
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    He hasn't told me so I don't know but my SPECULATION (based on past experience) is that the boy is acutely aware of the marital difficulties and has been "convinced" to side with his mom.

    I've seen this happen many times.

    My experience is that nothing fixes it except lots of years and experience in how the world actually works. The kid's gotta grow up, which takes time, and learn that he was being manipulated, which also takes time.

    But, again, that's my speculation about what happened.

    Peace favor your sword,
  7. Bull

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    Going through that crap with my 21 year old daughter from my first marriage..... All you can do is tell them you love them.... And hope they eventually have a change of heart.
  8. Rachgier

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    Damn that advice sounds familiar.
  9. Bull

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    Just a bit...... And it's all we're doing now.....
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    Praying and will continue to pray for your friend and his family. Hoping everything works out for the best, as I know it will if they will put their faith and trust in God. Having already lost my dad I suspect the child would have a sudden change of heart if something did happen to his dad. After my teenage years, when I knew everything and I taught my dad everything I knew:rofl: we had a great relationship for the next 30+ years. As the years passed it seemed my dad only got smarter while I realized I didn't know as much as I thought I did. Been over 5 1/2 years since I lost my dad and I don't know the number of times I've wished that I had him around to ask his opinion and advise on matters.
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    Prayers sent.
    Kids can be really stupid at times. Its part of growing up. He'll pull his head out of his ass or not its on him. Hopefully before its to late to make amends.
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    As a child, I was taught that through the teenage years, I would gain ALL this valuable knowledge and I would soon be superman. And at the age of 18, I was a fully ready to be an adult. But it now seems that every year since I was 18, I have lost most if not all of that new found knowledge? And now at the age of 58, I can surely say I have NO idea what the HECK is going on, and admit to my 3 sons that I am an IDIOT, and don't know much of anything anymore!
    BUT, I do know the Meaning & Power of PRAYER!
  13. undeRGRound

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    Thoughts and prayers...

    Maybe the stint will help some of the "marital issues" ;)
    Get the blood flowing to all the vitals again :D
  14. Visper

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    Prayer's sent!

    Thank god that's not my son (if I had one...) something would have happened to help my heart problems along, like kicking his ass!!
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  16. Outlaw

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    Like the man said "Love is everything". Then comes respect, character, pride and a few more qualities I can't think of at the moment. My Dad died when I was 9 months old. My Mom raised 5 kids by herself working the farms as a hired hand. We followed suit coming up. She always taught us "Never forget where you came from". Of all the advice I've given in my 66 years. That is the one I held on to and passed on first and foremost. I was amazed at the folks out there that had no idea what I was talking about. :foilhat:
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    Gfs dad just got a stint. Lost 20 lbs in the aftermath and said he hasn't felt this good since his mid 30s

    Lost his libedo with the thinners they got him on OTOH.

    Now that was an embarrassing conversation...
  18. MachoMelvin

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    The GREATEST gift a father can give his kids, is to LOVE their Mother!!!
  19. moona11

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    I gave you a chance
  20. Rachgier

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    Until she flips a full 180 in to a rampaging psycho hose beast and starts a physical fight with you in front of the children and breaks a kitchen chair across your back because you would rather pay bills instead of buying her shoes she doesn't need.