Its my luck, I know it...

Discussion in 'Lounge' started by Ridge, Nov 2, 2007.

  1. Ridge

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    Whenever I get a good turn of luck, something bad happens in the near future...I quit my job at AutoZone to get a better paying, better hours job at a bank closer to home, and my transmission blows on my old car the afternoon I quit...

    Ive been out of work 3 months, and on Wed. I landed a job to get me back on my was to be my first day on the job...I go out to my car and find this:


    Top is slashed open, stereo is gone, and my backseat was down...thankfully I put the HP in my room not two days dad's truck was also broken into, and he is missing a box of tools...Im assuming they got him, then me, as my top has a clean tear and the stereo wires are cut...probably used his tools....

    Damn I hate people who dont respect another's property...I wish I had known it was gonna happen...couldve used the opportunity to sight in my BSA...
  2. Keep your chin up Ridge, and don't forget to file a police report. Things will get better buddy, and the Cops will get those thieves. Sounds like they are running a racket in for the long haul. Career criminals like that usually always get caught.

  3. Sorry to hear that Ridge. I hope the cops can nail the buggers! :twisted:
  4. steyraug223

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    that sucks man i'm sorry
  5. Space

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    That sucks, did you start your job?
  6. Ridge

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    Yeah, I started today...manager offered to start tomorrow, but I said there was nothing I could do today, and I needed the cash..fortunately the weather outlook for the next several days is sunny, so I dont have to worry about the car's interior being ruined...
  7. Ridge

    Things have to get better, just give it time.
  8. Hang in there, Ridge! Don't let it get ya down!
  9. billybybose

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    Hang in dere brudda.
  10. Been there, felt your frustration. Until the insurance come through, duct tape will keep it dry. On my convertibles, I never locked the doors and usually just threw a tarp over them overnight. Down to 1 vehicle now, P/U truck.
  11. I've had a number of break-ins: apartments, cars, but never when I was already on the financial ropes. You have a new job, so things are on the way up, but that kind of personal violation raises fears/hackles/incendiary anger that doesn't go away quickly.

    Breath deeply, make a good go of the new position, and -- since you have a cc, right? -- blast the balls off THE MF'ER WHOM YOU RECOGNIZE AS THE B___D WHO BROKE IN, while walking down the street.

    Oh, and breath deeply... deeply... a calm, clear mind ignores the affronts of the past.

    Especially those which have been avenged.

    (Yes, we're having fun here: fantasy vengeance is sweet!)
  12. neothespian

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    At least you still have the car. The stereo can be upgraded for cheaper than you probably bought the deck for new,'s the chance to try a pimped out white top for that convertible :D

    In short: It could of been ALOT worse. In Phoenix I lived in constant fear of waking up and finding that someone had cut the locks and threw my motorbikes in the back of a truck and hauled them off to Mexico.

    That just blows. Hopefully Karma will catch up to them and they'll end up fencing the stereo to an undercover cop off Craigslist.
  13. Ridge

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    I dont have a CC or a pistol....gave my dad the I said, I wish I had known this was gonna happen...wouldve loved to sight in that BSA on the m'fer...

    Good news is, insurance has me going to an approved shop for an estimate on Monday, and I have an extra stereo laying around I'll probably use the cash that I save from that and thinkin about buyin that ATI stock and muzzle shroud I been wantin so badly :)
  14. Ridge

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    Got a call this morning from my insurance, saying they had sent a check out to the shop to pay for repairs, minus the a call midday saying they were shipping a newer, better stereo to replace mine, since its no longer produced...take the train to where I park my car, and all I find is this:

    Needless to say, Im quite upset...until I see this:

    And then Im furious...2 and a half hours and $229 later I am back in my car...I guess somebody didnt like me parking there...towing company said they had been called to take my car once before but I left before they showed up...good god I want to find them and give them whats coming...
  15. neothespian

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    Dude... not that I'm the paranoid type, but I think someone is screwing with you.
  16. Milehile

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    Did you do something wrong in a previous life. Like, maybe you were driving a horse-drawn carriage and ran over an infant and now you are being punished for it?

    That just isn't right. First you get your car broken into, then your car gets impounded. Seriously, think about getting a moped and an ipod, because, you sir are having bad luck with cars.
  17. Is that parking lot public or is it a privatly owned space? If it's public, you have a claim against the Towing company and can get your money back. Dude, that sucks. I hope it all works out for you.
  18. Ridge

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    Apparently its a private lot...has signs saying no parking, but not visible from where I enter the I'll probably leave a bit earlier tomorrow and try to find an available public parking spot...
  19. dude we feel for ya..... if you're not into praying, you may want to give it a try! :lol:

    Hang in there brother.