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    It's about time, now all i have to do is get some ammo to send downrange... next will be the 995... I'm sure of it.
  2. Congrats! You are now addicted

  3. Congrats and thanks for the photos.
  4. Congrats!! Nothing like a C9! A friend bought a Hi-Point 45 about 2 weeks ago. We went riding our ATV's today and he took his and I took my C9. After he shot my C9 he would rather have a C9.
  5. WVHunter129, I agree. The C9 is just the right size to carry and shoot and the recoil is manageable.
  6. I shot the 45 and really didn't notice that much recoil from it, at least not what I would of expected.

    I have seriously thought about getting the 380 also. I have had people tell me that the 380 isn't worth the time or money. But I would just like to have it to shoot. Heck I am already setup to load 380's. I did that for a friend of mine who had a 380. SO I still may get one just to plink every now and then...maybe put it in the truck for a back up. I carry the C9 right now for my CCW.

    Strangerous, as you can tell once you have one you just can't stop. As you can see I want the 380 and I also want the 995 Carbine!! Heck I just want a whole set of Hi-Points!!
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    Congrats they are easy to shoot and they shoot on target
  8. We love the gun porn!!! Be sure to write up a review of what you think when you go fling some lead!!!!

    By the way, nice 1911. I love the RMA 1911's!!! My friend has one with some trigger mods. After shooting it, it instantly became my favorite hand gun I have ever had the pleasure or shooting!!!
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    Strangerous is official now!!!
    Congrats, amigo!
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    :) There are a few things i want done to it, and hopefully rimfirehunter does not drag his feet in getting it completed. I want him to go through it and do a "fluff & buff"... Hey, when you're in a pinch, a cell phone will take decent pics, I think. I just didn't want the gunny on me.

    Quick Question: My rear sight is a "O" with (- -) markers like that on the left and right, is this factory or aftermarket? Thanks!
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    Gratz, just got mine today also, picture posted on another thread Gunny, so back off, hehe. :lol:
  12. That is the ghost site. Some like them others want the normal dove tail type. The ghost site is included with the gun as an optional site. If you don't have the standard sight, you could call Hi-Point about it. It only takes a screwdriver to swap them.

    Glad to hear you now own a Hi-Point. Welcome to the family!
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    Strange welcome to rest of addicts. But this is an addiction I am proud of. I have everything hp makes now and waiting to get the new 995 stock.I am going to buy another 995 when the new stocks come out and have one that is in ati clothes that I am considering converting to a .22.
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    Hey Broom I am in Music City every few days . We need to go throw lead down range sometime.
  15. About time, lol. Just kidding, you beat me on pics and I have had mine longer, I need to get a camera soon.