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    Picked up my C-9 today. Boy she sure is purdy. Right now she's sitting in the 11.00 gun case I bought today.

    Got the bullets in the magazine "working out" the spring, if you would.

    Any cleaning that needs to be done before she is fired at the range tomorrow?

    Oh yeah, got $100 worth of range time with my purchase, which is about 10 hours..$10 an hour at that range :( But whatever, it was free.

    Anything else I need to know? I don't have a dremel, so polishing the feed ramp is a negative for right now.

    Whats this I hear about the magazine lips?

    Pictures coming soon!
  2. Congrats for you there!!!!!

    I've never polished, not once. 1500 rounds with no issues. BUT, many have and had great results. So, no stress on the polishing till you know more. Same on the lips. Put a few hundred down range first and see what you see - then stop back for input and help on doing it right. Break her in, then fix it only if you need to.

    You are gonna have some serious fun!

  3. Scriz

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    Sweet deal, yeah I've read alot about the break-in period and all this. As for all the other guns I've had to break-in, will be very fun.

    I'm short on cash now so all I could buy was 50 rounds of FMJ 115gr. What do you guys suggest?
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    Both of my Hi-Points shot fine as is, a JHP .45, and my CF380. The .45 took a short break in period, about 500 rounds or so, but the .380 shot straight and true from the get go.

    If I were you I'd go shoot it up and see how it does. get a few hundred rounds down the pipe and then decide what needs to be done.
  5. Congrats on the C9!

    I never polished my feed ramp because I saw no need to, but I did disassemble my mags and polished the edges of the followers and inside rear surface of the mag body. This helped the mags a good bit and I think it well worth doing on any new mag I get now for my HiPoints.

    Ammo... I would use the cheaper 115gr FMJ's to shoot up during the initial breakin period then start moving on to defensive ammo once you are satisfied that everything has settled in.

    Enjoy and post of feedback after your first few shoots.
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  7. I say just shoot it and see how it goes befor you start polishing. Mine got polished with 115gr WWB!!!!!