it's ok, just a bad dream, it's ok...

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  1. what the hell. took a night shift for a day at work for over night. came home this morning around 7am. knock out as soon as i saw my bed. just woke up because i dreamed that some how i broke both of my pistol's (i only have one c9 in real life) ghost ring sight, and hi Point refuse to sent me the parts because i have been abuse them.

    what a nightmare, where is Dr. phil when you need him?
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    Oldnoob stop. Sit. Now calm down ,take a deep breath. Now grab your fave beverage. Smokem if ya gotem. Now relax. HP would cover it remember no questions asked. You C9 is fine and undamaged. No need for warranty repair. Now don't you feel better?

  3. The other night I had a dream that my hi- point saved my life. I went to the door and a guy was there and for some reason I thought he was going to kill me so I blew him away and then went to his house across the street and shot his accomplice a few times. After elliminating what I thought to be the threat in my dream, I started freaking out because I was thinking the librals where going to send me to jail forever!!! So I was going to get everything I needed to live in the woods!!!LOL! I kept a trigger lock on the hipoint for a couple nights after that!!!
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    I just woke up from a dream where someone had gotten into the house, presumably to burglarize us. I got my C9 and made sure the safety was off and racked a round and after a room to room search found a young woman hiding in a closet.

    I told her I was armed and for her to come out slowly. We were surprised to see it was an unsavory acquaintance of my sister. When we recognized her I guess she felt we wouldn't shoot her so she jumped out the 2nd floor window to escape.

    My sister ran downstairs and out the back door to confront the burglar. I went to the back yard 2nd floor balcony and saw my sister wrestling with a 2nd woman who had a shotgun in hand. I shot twice. The first time to try to get the woman to release the shotgun and stop wrestling. The sound of my Hi-Point going off and the feel of recoil were both so muffled and slight that I wondered if the gun had really fired. But I assume it did. However, no one's attitude had changed. The burglar was still standing to the side and away from her accomplice who was standing and wrestling with my sister for the dirty silverish weather beaten looking gun. I could only think, 12 gauge.

    I lowered my aim and fired again and the woman slumped in my sister's arms. The fight suddenly stopped.

    Then a passage of time as occurs in a dream. Then I was watching TV and caught the tail end of a news report which mentioned the violence at some residence in our town and that a woman later died of her wounds at the hospital.

    I wasn't sure they were talking about my incident.

    In my mind I went over my actions and rationale for shooting.

    I felt calm. The police hadn't arrived to take my statement or confiscate my weapon or do an investigation but after hearing the possibility that I might have shot and killed the woman I went outside to where they'd been standing to search for blood splatter or something to help me know what really had happened.

    I found nothing. And as I was going back inside from the backyard I saw an unfamiliar car parked in the driveway with two unknown people inside it, a driver and a front seat passenger. I walked past them without wanting to know their business, only that they seemed to be waiting and that they weren't there on some mission of revenge. They had pulled into our long driveway and would have had to back out. That's an unlikely move for a getaway car.

    I went inside the house and still unsure of what happened after I saw the woman's head fall backwards I saw another one of my sister's low life male friends talking with her looking sullen and angry. When I approached them he turned to me and with an expression that suggested sadness and resignation to what couldn't be changed more than a desire for vengeance, he asked me what happened.

    Defensively and angrily I responded, "I don't know! You tell me what happened!" I assume he'd been informed of everything that happened after I shot, and maybe more.

    As he began telling the story as he knew it I interrupted him to interject what pieces I could fill in to his narrative. Then he snapped at me, "I asked you to tell me what you knew and you wouldn't so just shut up while I tell you what I know!"

    So I did.

    And that's when I woke up.

    It's the first dream I've ever had where I've even shot at anyone, much less actually killing them. It is quite a thing to experience.

    And for those of you who might be interested in knowing the back story, my sister who was wrestling for the shotgun, was actually stabbed in the heart and killed by her lesbian lover in a domestic quarrel more than 22 years ago.

    And though she and I weren't close I think if her spirit is hanging around here she will know that if I'd had the chance I would have been there for her. I wouldn't have hesitated to save her life.

    One helluva dream.

    EDIT: And though I served in the military I never served in combat nor have I ever had reason to point a weapon at anyone. So, once again, I salute those of you who have. Whether it be while serving us here at home or on foreign shores. You have my respect, admiration and support.
  5. Oldnoob, have no fear, Hi-Point service is here. I've posted this on the old HPFF site, but I lost the slide retaining pin at the range in the dirt. Called HP for a new pin, and they said send in the gun. It came back upgraded with new springs, slide, firing pin and grips. And of coarse the retaining pin. When I called back to find out why the replacements, they said that those parts have new designs so they upgraded my gun. I couldn't believe it. What other company would upgrade your pistol without you asking, and for free to boot.

    I'm a HiPoint man 4ever.

  6. Wow, all I dream about are naked women :oops:
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    You should write fiction.
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    That's quite a compliment. Thank you very much.

    I'd like to but I think there's something inside of me that prevents it. I'm trying to discover what that 'something' is.

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    What the heck is wrong with you!?

    Don't you know that's not politically correct???

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    I like what waltham is dreaming. Hell all I dream about is buying more Hps'. I still say that geon needs to clear what ever hes blocking and write fiction. Man I read his post and thought I was reading an Agatha Christie murder mystery.
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    I usually dont remember my dreams. If I do, its Deja vu stuff later on (gotten way past the "oh, wow, I had adream abou this" of that) or just bad dreams in General. Last one was of me, at work....I kept looking at my navigation laptop, and plotting my course....over, and over, and over....
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    I like waltham's dream girls better than mine. They were burglars and not hot, either!

    The funny thing is that I sat down and wrote it all out as soon as I woke up because I didn't want to forget anything. It was as if it actually happened and I was just trying to tell you everything I saw and felt and thought. I was lucky that I got it all on the page. I didn't forget anything.

    Damn. Let me figure out what I ate before I took that nap to make me dream like that so I can eat it again!

    Thanks again!

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    I usually don't remember my dreams, either. That's another reason this one was so striking.
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    Some one is having some deep psychological troubles either they fear something or wishing for something [ with waltham41 we KNOW what he is lacking :lol: ] If these dreams persist seek professional help [try a good range :wink: ]
  17. How true shooter, remember, I am in the hallway sex phase of my relationship LOL ;)