It's only taen 4 months....

Discussion in 'Vintage Topic Archive (Sept - 2009)' started by neothespian, Nov 20, 2007.

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    But I FINALLY hooked up my frankenstien desktop! Now I can access all my old gunporn and pirated Japanese Anime!

    We now continue with your regularly scheduled program.
  2. Your missing the K button. lol

  3. neothespian

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    Yeah...realized that halfway into the post. But I got the "K" going again!

    I told you it was a frankenstien piece. I'm surprised it booted up without sparks flying
  4. Glad to see you bac up and runnin'!!

    *This post was typed without any assistance from the letter.... ? WTF!? Where'd it go?!* :wink:
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  6. At least Neo found his "K". Twenty years ago, I was trying to convert the production scheduler from his sticky notes system to the new computer system. His office was at the other end of the plant. He was very reluctant and asked how the computer was going to be better than his system. I told him it would make his job easier by doing all the math. :wink:
    The next morning he calls me and says he got a reject keyboard as he can't find the "B". I tell him bottom row, near the middle. He swears his keyboard doesn't have one. I walk the quarter mile out to his office and point at the key. He laughs and says, OH it does have one. :oops:
    After 6 months he loved the 'puter as he was working about 40 hours a week instead of 60. That became a running joke between us even 10 years later when he wouldn't believe something I told him. I'd ask him, "Where's the B, Dave"? He'd say, "right where you said it was".
    I'm sure all you geeks, nerds or support guys have stories like this.
    Oh, Neo...everyone should have a Frankenstein!