It's probably old news. . . .

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  1. . . . but, I put 25 rounds of Winchester 115 gr. jacketed hollow-point ammo through the C9 this afternoon and it ate it up and spit it out--no problems. That will probably be my "carry" ammo for this gun. I also put a box of (50) Aquila 115 gr. FMJs through it without any issues. That puts me at about 1100 rounds through it so far.

    I'm really having a lot of fun with this gun--more than I thought I would. I enjoyed the process of dialing it in so that it's reliable for SD, but I find myself just enjoying plinking with it--very little recoil compared to some of my others.

    If you're on the fence about buying the C9, just do it. . . :)
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    I only have about 300 through my C9 but so far no problems I really like it. May I ask what holster you plan on using for cc.

  3. Holster

    My C9 came with the HiPoint / Galco holster when I bought it--I'll try that and see how it works. As for carrying it, I have other guns that are easier to carry but I may carry the C9 in colder weather a few times just to see if it's practical to carry if that's all you had--the experiment continues. . . .

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    I use soft cloth Black Hawk to carry my 9mm. Not know number off hand, in my truck. Carry right hip/butt cheek. Worked good so far for about 3 years.
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    Black Hawk size 6.
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    Is "the Bird" for the haterZ or all of HPFF??? :p ;) :D
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    Was just holding down the rolled up tag but yep....looks like the bird.