It's the 8th of November

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  1. Well, 42 years ago today the 173rd Airborne was ambushed by 1200 Viet Cong in warzone D in Vietnam. Lawrence Joel who was severely wounded managed to save many of his comrades and became the first black man since the Spanish American War to receive the Medal Of Honor. (He also had a colosseum in Winston-Salem named after him).
    My Pop was in Vietnam and saw some awful things as did many of our soldiers.But no matter your opinion on that war ( and even the highly-questionable war we are involved in right now),never question the honor and integrity of the men(and more recently women) who have fought and died for this nation. They are our brothers, our fathers, and our friends.
    Watch this video. I know it may not exactly be everyones musical taste
    (modern country music doesn't do much for me either) but I think this is a fine exception.


  2. Glad to post it Chef.

    Vietnam was exceptionally hard for my family. I lost 2 uncles, and 3 cousins that I will never have the opportunity to meet. Plus, my Pop AND my stepfather both were there. Tough times. But tough times make tough men. And it bring out the best in many.
  3. Thanks for the post Patriot. My father and uncle were both there. They both came back thankfully, though my uncle was never able to deal with civilian life. He did of cancer 10 years ago, most likely due to the large amount of drinking and smoking he did.
  4. Why is it that by and large the only genre in modern music that pays any tribute to the total cost, sacrifice and loss of life it took to make this country great is Country? You'd think more people would be appreciative. Of course, the Dixie Chicks are an exception to that rule, don't even get me started on those non-humans....

    Rock-n-Roll = Liberal Hippies with no sense of duty.

    *This is not a stab at the resident forum liberals*
  5. I think one reason that the country music genre is more inclined to pay respect is that country music came from the common man....the poor man....the average joe. Most of them have served in the militray or have someone close to them that has. It's a part of the country heritage. Rock stars and the pop singers for the most part,not all, but most grew up in the mindset that the military is evil and anyone in it is too. The line isn't drawn so much in the music genre as it is in the social lines. The Sad thing is that most modern country music stars are nothing ore than pop bands with a fiddle thrown in for good measure. Guys like Cash,Jennings,
    Hank Jr.,.....the rest of what make up Outlaw country, had a rebellious tone but still had a patriotic underlying factor. ( I don't count Willie anymore....Willie ticked me off. Found out he's a Dennis Kucinich supporter...big gun grabber). The country genre just seems to understand that without these men and women fighting and dying, they probably wouldn't be able to get out there and sing those songs that make them their dough. Just my opinion.
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    if you want metal thats patriotic look into Iced Earth, specifically the cd called the glorious burden. Its very good theres a song about 911, a song about vietnam and 4 songs about the american civil war
  7. I wasn't a fan of Glorious Burden, mainly because I don't like the new vocalist. A couple of the songs were just a bit over the top and cheesy for me as well. But still, it's Iced Earth, so it's far from terrible :)
  8. The 8th of November is a great song! I am really into Country,American History and Rock.
  9. Thanks, Patriot.

    God Bless all of our heroes........ Amen.
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    God Rest their souls
  11. American fighting Men and Women. The real HEROES our kids should be looking up to. Thanks Patriot!
  12. Amen to that. If the kids of America today would pry themselves away from the television and discover that there really is more to life than brain dead pop stars and low-life bottom feeders (aka celebs in general),
    maybe there would be a chance for this world. America has forgotten why these men and women have died.
    Those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it. It's an old saying but it still rings true.
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    I am not a big country fan at all.....let me rephrase that: Modern country. But basically anything from the early mid eighties on back, I am cool with. Johnny Horton, Johnny Cash, so on so forth, almost all have at least one patriotic song.
    I think its funny, how "Rock and Roll" was equated with liberalism, and hippies. Lots of grunts loved rock and roll ( Ever wonder where the phrase "Rock and roll!!!" to the tune of numerous MGs going off at once, ) Lots of grunts liked country as well. And, I do agree with the postulation that its a roots kinda thing: Come from poor, and still treated as second class citizens even IN the army...

    IIRC, Jimi Hendrix was in the 101st Airborne, before all the stuff in Vietnam started. He served, and look at him, turned out just fine ( music wise) :)
  14. +1 on country being grassroots. It was the rugged individulaist who pioneered this nation of ours. It's the rugged individualist who still lays his life on their line for this country, and its the rugged individualist that country music honors.

    I do like a little bit of rock-n-roll, but it is country music that truly honors the hero. Country artist (until the last several years) wrote and sang what what on their hearts. They didn't put the $$$ first.
  15. I never really listened to country much until I got remarried. My wife loves it and so I gave it a shot. While I'm still not a huge fan, I love the lyrics and earthy tone of the songs. These artists sing about what is important to the common man. While I'm still and old Rock and Roll guy, I do have a soft spot for certain country songs.
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    Country music is the bomb.A country station is the only mainstream public station where props are given to God and troops on a daily basis.Although some of my hipoint homies sound suspisiously like gun snobs in their snubbing of modern country :lol: I like alot of the new stuff that take traditional american values into the 21st century.
  17. ...................Hooah..............................
  18. I prefer the newer country, Toby Keith is a favorite.
  19. For the record, I didn't say ALL modern country was bad. Just the frosted-haired, leather-pant wearing, hip-hop sub beat usin', silk shirt wearin', wussies that claim to be country. Most of them are loser who wanted to be pop stars and ended up caught between where they came from and where they wanted to be. Rascal Flatts is a good example of such nonsense. I swear that the first chance I get to sneak throught my wife's CDs, I taking that one and introducing it to my Mossberg.
    That'll teach her for saying that Led Zepplin's album "Houses of the Holy" sucked.