It's the little things in life...

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  1. Found out since I'm a member of my local range I get FFL transfers for $10. I'm overjoyed. $10 transfers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Better than buying local sometimes, cause $10 is less than what sales tax would be. Oh boy... I feel my willpower crumbling already. Must... not... buy... more... firearms...
  2. You suck.

    [ hold steady boy!!!! ]

  3. masfonos

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    Wow, that's a neat perk of being a member. I'll have to add that to my list of things to look for once I get settled in wherever we end up moving.
  4. Well before you get a membership it was $30... main reason up until now I wouldn't buy firearms online (add shipping and w/e I buy is easily $50 over what's listed online). And I've paid more than my fair share of $40 FFL fees back home in Maryland... and the membership is $149 a year for police/fire lol. At least I didn't have to pay the $300 they normally charge...
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    FFL fees in my area from gun shops or even a indoor rage im a member of still run 35.00+

    but there are a lot of people who do nothing but FFL transfers in my area for about 20 bucks..

    problem is individual people are lessor known and there for harder to trust.

    10 buck transfers is nice.
  6. Best I've ever seen. I'm gonna start getting on AuctionArms a lot more now.
  7. Hmmm... that's only 30 visits to my local pistol range and they don't allow stuff like Mosins and AKs. When you factor in the FFL charge bennies, that's not a bad deal. My local guy does pistols for $20 and long guns for $25 (pretty good by normal standards), but even at the full $300 price, this sounds like something I'd consider if I was local.
  8. They allow everything up to and including 7.62 (either x39 or x54R), rapid fire, etc. Pretty cool.

  9. Dude, give it up, buying firearms is more addictive than smoking, so why even fight it? :wink: Good for you buddy, I wish I could get transfers that cheap.