I've been away for a few days..

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  1. I've been away for a few days so I thought I'd catch y'all up on what's been going on.

    My wife suffered a ruptured blood vessel in her brain Tuesday (11/27) while we were out hunting. Praise the Lord it happened right in the yard of the property owner where we'd been hunting and I didn't have to make the decision to leave her alone to go get help, or to stay with her. She was evacuated by medflight to a hospital in Fairfax (Va.) where they performed emergency surgery, and no doubt saved her life. I was told she was close to dead when she got there.

    With a lot of prayer from a lot of people, literally all over the world, and by the grace and the mercy of God, she came out of the coma (drug induced) today, and is talking, has full use of her body as best we can tell anyway, drinking, eating ice, rolling her eyes at bad jokes, and knows who people are, and their names and such. She even remembered the brand of cat food she buys, and where she gets it. (Wal-Mart..where else?)

    She still has a long way to go, but Praise be to God that it appears that she's turned a corner. "It's not the end. It's not even the beginning of the end. But it's the end of the beginning." (Winston Churchill)

    Pray for her please. She's not out of the woods yet.
  2. You both certainly have my prayers.


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    Amen on the prayers. Now YOU take it easy as well we're all pulling for ya
  4. Wow Cajun, Praise the Lord! Prayers are answered, indeed. I'll keep your wife and you in my prayers!
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    I know how you feel, I very glad she is doing well
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    Glad to hear she is doing well after an ordeal like that. You and your's are in our thoughts. It is amazing how much medicine can do these days. It relly wasn't that long ago they wouldn't have been able to do anything.
  7. I said a prayer for you and your wife.
  8. You and your wife have all our prayers here. While it sounds like recovery is on the horizon, we'll keep pulling for the best. Please keep us posted about her -- and your -- state, and best wishes to you both.
  9. You and your wife have my best wishes, and I hope she continues to do well in her recovery.
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    Prayer sent, and good luck!
  11. CB, Bless you my friend, and healing to your wife. Hurry back to us, and keep us posted ok?
  12. Wow cajun....ill say a prayer as well buddy. Were here for ya man!
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    Sorry to hear about your wife's aneurysm. It sounds like she received very good emergency room and now post diagnostic care. Mrs.Uncle Jerky suffered a stroke( a clot vs. a bleeder) 14 yrs ago,so to a degree, I can identify with what you both are going through. My family's prayers are with you and yours,but some of the best advice I can impart, is to PACE yourself and trust the doctors.
  14. My aunt had about the same thing happen a few years ago. She is still going through physical therapy, etc. because she was not given the right care at the right time. There were several things going on at the time as well, but I can't go into it here. She is doing pretty good now, though. So I implore you to make sure your wife gets the right care at the right time. Do research on what happened, and the kind of care/therapy she may need. Ask questions. Don't leave the doc's office with more questions than when you went in. This last goes for everyone.

    You and your wife are in my thoughts.

    Take care. Get some rest. Stay strong.

  15. Thanks everybody. I'll keep you posted. I had to work until 6 am this morning so I grabbed a few hours sleep and we're getting ready to head up there in a few minutes.

    I talked to the nurse in the ICU a few minutes ago. She said she's doing fine. She's awake, alert, eating a clear liquid diet, knows what day it is, where she is, why she's there, and stuff like that. She said she didn't think she was quite up to a phone call which is just as well I suppose. I want to be able to hold her when I talk to her.

    This is the day that the Lord hath made! We will rejoice in it!
    (Psalm 118:24)
  16. I'm glad to hear the news is good and I hope all turns out well for you. It's good you were close. My wife had a mild stroke in June (she's pretty much ok now), but I was 350 miles away in AZ. She drove herself to the hospital, luckily only about a block away, in the morning and didn't call me until that afternoon. My son and I had just driven to Prescott, bought a couple of guns, an watched a movie. She called just as we were ordering dinner. I immediately headed back to Vegas and our son came alone. Her excuse for not calling: she didn't want to ruin the day for us!

    Take care and get some rest.
  17. CB,

    Take care of yer wife and she will be in our prayers as well. Same goes to you NDS.

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    prayers out for you and yours.