I've got the fever!

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  1. I've got the fever!

    I purchased a C9 just after Christmas. Yesterday, I purchased a CF380. I went to the range with both last night. The CF380 kicked butt. I shot 100 rounds with all but the last mag fully loaded and had no problems. Also tried the C9's 10rnd mag with no problems. I only had to adjust the rear sight a bit to the right and a bit up.

    Last week, my C9 had several rnd nose up FTF. I adjusted the mag lips but now it had several rnd nose down FTF. Hopefully I will find a happy medium.

    Hmm, which one do I buy next? I wish they made a .22 pistol. (hey hi-point, are you lurking anywhere?)
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  3. I'm telling ya, I gotsda have more cowbell!
  4. Sure, just put two 22's into a .45 case... should work... .22 + .22 = .44... just find a .01 spacer around here somewhere.

    Seriously, get several 995's. You can mod 'em out in so many different ways, it'll be worth it.
  5. Babies, before we're done here, you'll all be wearing gold plated triggers...




    Dammit, now you got me started.....
  6. HAHAHA!!! I almost forgot about that SNL episode. Now THAT was funny.

    That was cool. ;)

    we DO need more cowbell...

  7. Which one to buy next. I humbly submit the JHP 45. Once I fired that thing the first time, I was in love! Oh, and the c9, polish the feed ramp.
  8. I don't have any of the pistols yet, but I gotsta have a matching 9mm pistol to complement my 995. I'm thinking about getting the comp c9 for myself. I think it looks cool. I won't be carrying it, as I have my Taurus 85 for that. It's going to strictly be a range gun, so the comp won't be a problem.

    I eventually want one of each. ;)

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    glad to see I'm not the only one. I picked up my 3rd Hi-Point this weekend (JHP 45, already had a C9 and 995) and I'm looking for ways to justify getting a .380 or a .40
  10. A reason to justify getting a .380 or a .40? Hmm, how abou the following:

    "If I had a .40 then I'd have another powerful gun."

    "THen if I got the 4095 I'd have a carbine to match that one".

    "Then..... I'd only be missing the .380. That's just one more gun....then I'll stop" *cross fingers behind back*
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    I've got both the HP380 and HPC9, and I LOVE THEM BOTH! Great (not so little pistols), and I have 100's of rounds through both without any jams. I purposely jammed my .380 (but was trying to prove a point regarding mag loading)

    Both excellent handguns. My .380 is now used as a bedside or cabinet pistol in my home, and I use my C9 to take my anger out on all those empty beer cans that I know are talking about me when I'm not around :)

    I also have the 995. Was about to buy the .45, (actually to correct myself, I did buy the .45 and had it for a week, but sold it to a close friend because I didn't really care for it). I just didn't like the overall design and feel of the .45 I'm really hoping HP does something about the Black & Decker look of the .40/.45 mag bases. The guns themselves are already quite large, but that mag base doesn't help any. Anyone have a definitive reason as to why HP has such a large base on them?

  12. congras, i haven't had the fever yet, still toying around the c9 for a bit. however, when the time come, my next HP will be 995 and 40/45. i'm also eying some revolvers too.