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IWB Holster for C9 Hi-point

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I'm looking for an IWB holster for my C9. I was wondering if anyone has used an Uncle Mike's 8916 holster for a C9 and what they think about it. I found a holster search feature at the CheaperthanDirt website and this holster came up. They actually had a catalog #44397 for it and also #44398, both catalog numbers refer to the Uncle Mikes 8916. The first catalog number has two referrals. Also has anyone used an Ace holster such as the ZAA-933 or similar for the C9, this is also at CheaperThanDirt.com Someone mentioned about using an ace holster on another forum and liked it, but wasn't using it for a C9.

Someone mentioned about using a crossman pistol holster for a C9 on here for open carry. I got one and it worked fine for me. I found it at Walmart in sporting goods.
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Kholster will have one in a few days. I know Jimmy is supposed to be getting one brought in this weekend to get a mold made.
I got mine from Jimmy and I love it. I'm going to post a review with some pictures. He should have the mold now but after I got it I found out that the clip eject button hit when you would sit down and I had to modify it by simply drilling a hole in the leather so their wasn't any pressure on the button....works perfectly now. I told Jimmy about this and he said since every holster is unique he can't be sure where the clip button would need to go so he's going to have to break down and by a C9...said he hated to have to buy another gun and then laughed :) He's one heck of a nice guy and will treat you right!
I went with a BLACKHAWK! size 6. I like it better than the Uncle Mike's version for two reason's.
1. The BLACKHAWK! is a little deeper so it holds the C9 better.
2. The belt clip on the BLACKHAWK! sits higher on the gun/holster, preventing the gun/holster from flipping outward when sitting down, standing up, squatting, or bending forward.

I had issues with the Uncle Mike's when doing the above activities. I almost had my C9 fall out in the middle of Wally World. My issues were also aided by the fact that I'm 6'3", 307lbs. I just couldn't seem to get the Uncle Mike's situated right, ever. As with everything, YMMV.
Alright, blackhawk, I get it. You don't need to SHOUT. Geez....
That's the name of the company. I wasn't shouting.

The BLACKHAWK! Home Page.
lol... I know, I was just kidding. :)
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