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    Are AMAZING!!!! Me and the girl went down to Prescott AZ to take a look around since I got a $500 bonus from the theatre, and my experience was awesome!

    Walking in, they're all buisness. All the arms are out to be seen, with clear prices, tons of litterature on the counters and not a shortage of help, even with over 50 people in the showroom clamoring for parts, ammo and Federal Applications. Of course I came in on President's Day weekend, so it was packed, but the gentleman who helped me was easygoing, knowledgeable and more than eager to help answer EVERY one of my questions without talking down to me or trying to upsell me on equipment! The prices are VERY competitive (some of the best prices on MN's, AK's and CZ's I have seen anywhere on the net or in the Southwest), and a ton of options when it comes to rifle ammo.

    I resisted temptation on buying a Mosin revolver for $75 and an SKS for only $149 and was a good boy in getting what we originally came for. For $48, I picked up 300 rounds of 7.62x54r Bulgarian FMJ, 5 ammo boxes and a new dealer from which I'm going to be buying from for a long time!
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    It's awesome when you find a shop that gives the customer what they really want, and not what they want you to have. I wish more shops can be like the one you speak of. Good Job, but do they have any stores in SC?

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    I love J&G. I got to them first and if they don't have it or can't get it, I have to resort to the internet or shops around phoenix.
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    Well, the advantage of Phoenix is that there are quite a few outlets for arms, parts and supplies in comparison to the rest of the US. The downside is that most of the Arizona market is WAY overpriced!! J and G are a unique creature since (they say) they're rated #5 in the US for internet sales for guns and accessories, and no....there aren't any franchises other than the Prescott store.

    But hey, take a vacation!! It's a great little town, and if you come in the spring there are TONS of events, bike rallys and car shows.
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    That place is my candy store.
  6. I have to ask, how much did the yellow tip ammo cost you?
  7. I've been buying from them for over 20 years; I've always been pleased with the experience. :D
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    $45 bucks for a tin brick of 300. That's about 15 cents/round! Almost as good as 9mm.

    The only problem is getting the damned thing open!! It was sealed up like a can of sardines with a heavy bead of lead beading and some dinky little pull tab. Tried to pull it off and it broke off! Ended up swearing at it and pulling it off with a multi-plier.

    We're hoping to go out later this afternoon to give it a shot or two. Depends on how much the snow has melted. My current camera doesn't do video so might just have to settle for pics.
  9. I have been thinking about ordering some stuff from them soon.

    I have heard good about them.

    One company that you need to NEVER patronize or go to is Joeken Firearms. I think that they are in AZ as well. They are one of the worst companies in the firearms business ever.

    Search for joeken and you will find all sorts of horror stories (just letting you know ahead of time, Neo).

    I would grab a couple of J&G's ak47 kits if I were you.
  10. I'm like Primal, I need to go there too!! Hey Primal, don't go there and buy all the Yugo's, I want a couple more myself!! :wink: :wink:

  11. DREAM ON HOOKER!!!! Get your own! :shock: :wink:
  13. Wow, wish I was still out west. Primal, you and I would be making a pilgrimage to visitn J & G, neo, and Elguapo...maybe take Styker with his fish & corn with us!
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    Hey, you guys are welcomed here! I'll hook you guys up with free tickets to whatever show's playing in my theater and we can hit some of the awesome microbreweries that are up here. And, if the weather clears up, either bring or rent some motorbikes that way you can REALLY see what makes this state kick butt: The best roads in the Western World.

    Oh, and the guns are cool too :p
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    Arizona is an awesome place. I used to live in Mesa, and yes the most beautiful roads out there. I had a Honda Goldwing when I lived there. That bike in combination with the roads and the scenery was amazing. Some of the most enjoyable motorcylce riding I've ever done was in Arizona. A lot of people don't know this, but the desert is extremely beautiful when everything is in bloom.

    The only thing I hated was the rattlesnakes and other very large creepy crawly things that lived there too :) Was camping in the desert with friends and got bit on the foot by a rattlesnake. Hurt like %*$&#. I've wanted to go back out west for years, but anytime I bring it up to the wife it's funny because I had no idea she knew how to say NO in so many languages :) Including sign language (it's not the word no, but it's clear what she's trying to say)!
  16. I love J&G Sales. I have my C&R so I order all of my surplus arms from them. I have bought three Mosins, a Nagant Revolver, CZ-52 and my Ishapore Enfield just came in. You can't go wrong. Although they are becoming more popular. It took a few extra days for the Enfield to arrive. Everything else came in very fast.